Bradford is Currently Playing. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This reduces string vibration loss and improves attack and sustain. Solid American cedar top. Manufacturer: Yamaha | Get the latest price & reviews at Given their resources, they can acquire the best materials available. The sound is rich, ‘mid-rangy’ and balanced. You can’t beat the quality at this price. ... Yamaha’s ground-breaking Silent guitar is part of an extensive suite of instruments that eschew the idea of, y’know, having a body per se, and instead use a wooden frame with a solid-wood central core. Guitars at this price range have a bone saddle, but the GC12 has one made of Urea. The GC12 has similar specs to the GC22, the next one up the GC order. The CG162 is a good quality guitar at a reasonable price that you shouldn’t pass up. Solid rosewood back and sides. Nothing could be further from the truth! Between the 182 and 192, is there a significant difference? Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. This is the middle ground for Yamaha offering a decent playability, sound, and price. Not rosewood painted black, but real ebony. You are also guaranteed reliability, consistency, great build and finish. They brighten up the sound and deliver great harmonics. That’s why this Yamaha classical guitar review is for those who have no purchase experience before regarding a guitar and also prefer a standard guitar for learning. The quality and value the brand offers are unrivaled. Incidentally, I have discussed high-action issues and solutions in the article Fix Your High Action Classical Guitar if you’d like to know more about that. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Yamaha Classical & Nylon Guitars at Guitar Center. They are the kind of differences that deal with the durability of the guitar rather than sound quality. Read more about Narayan. I didn’t find it till now. Because you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha. My main instrument is a 2018 Douglass Scott Classical Guitar … For many owners, the GC22, cedar top or spruce, is a stand-out guitar from their previous one. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. ... Yamaha’s school guitar lineup has [1/2], [3/4], and full sizes [4/4] that provide even the youngest students with quality instruments on which they can grow. Check the guitar forums to find both kinds of people. The edge banding is very detailed. C40 has been manufactured with a Spruce wood top and perfect neck and body size. It’s a job best done by those who know – a luthier, a guitar tech or a skilled DIYer. The full-size classical guitar features with a spruce top and Meranti back and sides. The most important feature of the guitar for me is: the electronics. Only Yamaha C40II Classical guitar can deliver remarkable cost performance including full-size instruments with great performance. Or European spruce top. Thank you for your query. 650mm smooth string scale makes an easy action of the guitar for the beginners. Listen to some fine playing of classical music on the GC22C (along with some surprising bossanova rhythms down the line). These are constructed at workshops in Japan and China. The mahogany wood for the neck as a significant upgrade? Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar & Best Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar If you want to get some special and top quality guitar , then Yamaha is the right choice. Rosewood Fingerboard and bridge creates a classic look to the design of this guitar. Yamaha believes its saddle-and-slot design is crafted with great precision for an accurate fit. (The GC12 and GC22 are reportedly made in China.). Most orders are eligible for free shipping! You will find a whole host of folks plonking for the CG182, C or S, because it’s “really” as good as its older brother and why pay extra? Classical & Nylon; Classical & Nylon. Nato for neck. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Trebles are not overpowered by the bass. Ebony fingerboard, Consistent quality is Yamaha’s strong point. (I don’t work for them and they don’t even know I exist, so this is not a paid promotion). Ebony for fingerboard, The CG182 is spoken of highly for its volume and projection. Though they are all factory-built guitars, the excellent craftsmanship and overall quality put them on a higher pedestal and win them huge respect than more run of the mill guitars. Negligible. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Outstanding playability and musical rhythm provide a high level of brand acceptance for beginners and young guitarists. All classical guitars in this series also feature a bridge plate that “efficiently transfers string vibration to the guitar top.”. It’s not too cheap and it’s not too expensive, which makes it the best classical guitar under 500 dollars on this list. GC / GCX Series. And I’m going to say it again: it’s offered at a surprisingly low price for the value you get. It is a massive jump in tonal quality, playability, touch, durability – and the price, of course. One user went so far as to say it was better than even guitars in a totally higher price bracket: Yamaha’s own flagship CG192. The result is a sound and tone that surpasses many others in its class. Rosewood is the preferred choice for this use among more expensive guitars. The striking thing about it on the first impression is its Ovangkol sides and back with its unique patterns. The GC12 is a popular model with intermediate-level classical guitarists looking for their next step up. To classical guitar players, whatever their skill level, Yamaha and Cordoba are big names. They love the expression they can get out of it and the nuances it brings to their playing. The quality of guitars that Yamaha puts out is consistently good. He is also one half of the online classical guitar duo DuJu who put out guitar duets regularly on their YouTube channel. African Mahogany for neck. You can expect a GC22 to sound big and sustained. Up close, the attention to detail is everywhere. Strictly speaking, it’s hard to tell the differences in sound that such woods (other than the top) impart. The woods are hand chosen, the features are refined. Required fields are marked *. If you’re looking for a high-end classical guitar suitable for professional use but one that won’t break the bank either, the Yamaha NTX700 Cedar Top, Nylon Acoustic in Natural is a great option and one of the best classical guitars available today. And, of course, you have the usual choice of guitar top woods: cedar or spruce. It also has good projection and volume. They are a professional company with excellent quality control and more than 50 years of guitar making experience. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Replace with a bone saddle and nut if it bothers you that much. Thanks for dropping by. It is great value for the guitar you get. Some time back, I wrote about all the different Yamaha models of classical guitar covering a wide range – from the inexpensive, beginner’s C40II to the mighty GC Series models. This is another beginner guitar. And that is what we will discuss next. Along with better tuners, better wood may count for longevity of the guitar, but the impact on sound quality? Of course, you can keep reading for all of my recommendations and find your Best Yamaha accoustic guitar in no time! The basses, in fact, sound pure and rich on a typical GC22. This is a much loved guitar. A solid wood refers to a single piece of wood, cedar or spruce, always a great choice for superb sound quality. They are made of urea instead. You expect the sound to mature with age as with guitars of this caliber. The question of whether cedar is better or spruce is better as a guitar top has been beaten to death online and is down to individual opinion. It comes with the famous Yamaha sturdy construction using high-quality tonewoods. This majestic guitar comes outfitted with premium-quality features, which include a solid cedar top, cocobolo back, ebony fretboard, and ebony bridge.. This is the Yamaha Corporation [Musical Instrument Guide] website.The classical guitar can play a wide range of types of music-from classical music to bossa nova and jazz.Dubbed a mini-orchestra, the classical guitar covers an impressive range of timbres. I consider these classical guitars the best classical guitars for the money. Which is the right one for you? Yamaha C40 is beautifully designed with a scale and thick body that ensures your comfort at playing the guitar. For a great beginner's model, the Yamaha CGS Student classical guitar comes highly rated to those interested in learning the ins and outs of the classical guitar technique. somewhere between $200-$250; a max of $300. This article looks at some fine guitars that Yamaha makes that will resonate with intermediate level players. The Yamaha CG MCH was designed as a classical orchestral guitar and stands proudly among the other Yamaha orchestral instruments. In terms of sound, the mid and treble tones are super clear and bright. Thanks to Yamaha, we have high-quality sound delivered at a great price point - what more could we ask for? That experience, as well as other similar experiences with Yamaha guitars in general, has led me to believe their quality control process is really top notch. The Yamaha CG125SF Classical Guitar stands out with some of the very best in design and musical engineering Yamaha has to offer. You have a Cedar top, Nato back and sides which are incredible tonewoods found on the pro-level guitars of the world. It can easily be included as one of the best half-size classical guitars. Plus, Yamaha GC12C comes with all the finer details that you can reasonably expect from a versatile guitar. Beyond the CG192 we get into the company’s highest range: the Grand Concert (GC) Series. Though no Yamaha comes with a truss rod, its action can be lowered through sanding the saddle a little. Answer: Classical guitars usually don’t have any knots, as they are thoughtfully designed differently than acoustic guitars. All are made... As a research fiend, I try and get to the bottom of things. Ebony fingerboard. And also with those wanting to add some quality nylon sounds to their soundscapes. Where is the Yamaha logo on the guitar? The flagship GC Series, on the other hand, is Yamaha’s handcrafted guitars by their senior craftsmen trained in Spanish methods of construction. And the sound will certainly improve with age. Listen to Baroque composer S.L.Weiss’ Sonata in Dm played on a Yamaha GC192. Lastly, this 6-string Yamaha acoustic guitar has strong tuning pegs. It is earning consistent, high praise for its playability and response from users online. Taken together, the GC32 in its price band is a hard one to beat. So it would be a surprise if I didn’t mention a Yamaha guitar in this list. Being so wide on a topic, the article had only brief notes on each of the variants covered. The Yamaha CX40 Electro Classical Guitar is the latest electro version of the classical Yamaha C40. Care taken here by a master craftsman directly translates as the final quality of the instrument. Regardless, the best classical guitar for you is the one that allows you to achieve your playing goals. It will sound better with age. And it was created from non-toxic, sustainable, and durable wood so that you make the best of your experience playing the guitar. If you are interested in getting great strings that match your guitar – you should be interested if you are at the intermediate level – check out my article 5-Step Guide To Finding Your Perfect Strings. This one has undoubtedly earned remarkable popularity and fame in the world of guitar. I have heard that you get excellent results with Savarez Cantiga Premium HT  basses along with D’Addario Titanium trebles (EJ46TT). A few players have commented that the action is a little too high on the GC12 making it difficult to hold barres in the first position. For an intermediate player with a confident repertoire, this is Yamaha’s top of the line offering at the intermediate range. Ebony fingerboard, The GC12 is known for its bright sound. The guitar is made with other excellent wood choices: Rosewood for back and sides, a feature of more expensive guitars; and Nato for the neck. Next up in this list is the Yamaha CG122MCH classical guitar. For a factory-made guitar, every variant in the CG Series is built with expertise and craftsmanship. It will set you off on an exciting journey. Mahogany for neck. Due to its light weight, it is comfortable to play. I would think a GC12 is slightly better off on overall sound quality and construction, but that’s just me. As with all high end Yamahas, the GC22 has a well rounded, balanced sound with no particular leaning towards the basses. Available in a selection of sizes to suit all players, this guitar features meranti back and sites, a spruce top, a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and comes at a great price. It is one of the best classical guitar models in our reviews due to perfect playability and outstanding durability. Owners gush in spades online. Yamaha C40 classical guitar has nylon strings and Indonesian Mahogany tonewood back and sides.