my question this time is please my birds has started laying and want to know the medicine i have to give them in this time of laying period. For more info, contact us through email. thanks a lot Diseases are less in some poultry birds like quails, turkeys etc. Kindly advise The first hase will include, sheep and Goat Farm and Poultry farm. About 3500 to 5000 square feet flooring space is required for 1500 adult birds. I lived at home with my parents for a few months because I live in a community that doesn’t have a lot of available housing. My dad looked at it as an opportunity to expand and diversify because inputs are high and you have to rely on the commodity markets, which are low, depending on different seasons. Thank you! Thanks for this information. As time goes on, he gets more and more used to that. i also want to purchase good quality ducks which do not eat fishes .Is it available to breed in Tamilnadu Commercial hen generally starts laying eggs at the age of 12-20 weeks. I would love to initiate a poultry farm and I’m looking for a grant to enable me do this. by admin June 30, 2020. Hi, im from Telangana rural area. The 4th edition was co-authored with Donald D. Bell in 1990. Please review those webpages for more information. We supply full set of chicken farm equipment,we also provide the customized products. I’ve just learned a whole lot of things in a short amount of time. Sir Shipping is prompt, Age of eggs: not older than 1 – 3 days upon dispatch Thank you so much for that informative news. I AM LIVING IN MADURAI IN TAMILNADU,INDIA. Because my parents took the risk of building chicken barns, I was able to come back. Thank you! Thanks for your information and we need more about how we can get this skills from you ad enable us to start this kind of business So, the producers should provide more lightening period to increase the probability of beginning laying eggs. 3,Automatic drinking system We can offer full sets of poultry equipments include chicken cage system. Poultry farming is the form of animal husbandry which raises domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat or eggs for food. The poultry birds which are raised for egg production are called layer poultry. Hi, Easy to understand and really helpful, Thank you. They are one of the most popular backyard and commercial chicken breeds because they are tough and lay lots of eggs. thanks sir my name is Philip Ishaya from Jos, Nigeria, I read almost all the comments here and am glad to inform everyone here that I have 12years experience in poultry farming. By the way, where are you from? Our mission is to continuing generate the best productivity for our clients with lowest cost and improve the industry environment. i plan to start poultry farm newly pls wat types of product you have pls send me ur product images and rate also You will not get any loans without any prior experience. good afternoon sir sir witch method will costly weather cage or free range for layer chicken farming For this reason they may suffer by frustration and boredom and their behaviors may change which affect their production. and how to prevent it .thank you very much. I am jamal, want to start the poultry business in Afghanistan. Hope you understand! I want to start a broiler birds farm with 1000 birds.I want to know how much land required and how much to invest for this farm. Their strategy is to contract poultry farmers as well as raising their own chickens in their plants. I became part mechanic, part electrician, part maintenance. Farm Manager This is best information. R.Venkataraman And if possible, keep the floor at least 2 feet high from the ground. And what are the needed equipments? Pricing per Box See our housing guides for various types of poultry birds. Make suitable drainage system inside the house for cleaning it properly. in my area here temperature is very cold in raining period and cold season. is broiler chicken is easy than layer farming n witch one require more care n knowledge Please contact other poultry farmers in your area who are already dealing with such companies. Women and students can also do this business along with their daily activities. …i want more information of these business from u… Poultry farm structures do not require high maintenance. GOD BLESS YOU. I appreciate this modern farming style and am interested to learn more about coops farming especially layers please sent to my email the requirement of proper management of 3000 coops my location is Morogoro-Tanzania If you need more details, pls feel free to let me know. [email protected], mam/ sir, HB: Dad sends me to town for parts all the time. By. Of course I didn’t know what was going on on a daily basis. DEAR Anwarul sarker and any other interested buyer for turky, Contact us directly on our email address for price supply procedure of your 500 piece one month old Turcky we can supply even more I want to do startups in innovative way., Since layer using battery cage are stack, like 3 to 4 cage on one another, how do we get the required space for the housing. You don’t need to have any cages for raising 1500 birds. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend any specific one. Each with very efficient sub-systems of Stunning, Killing, De-feathering, Evisceration, Chilling and Cut-ups, all designed to customer’s specifications. hi roys farm, Both broiler and layer farming business are profitable. Thank you! but I am so much interested to establish a poultry farm from very beginning. Do assist in acquiring the necessary equipment for the job. I want to know if the job is from the right source because I already paid for my processing fee 465 Canadian dollars.. Pls reply. Start raising and you will gradually learn everything. This is from Ethiopia.Your explanation concerning poultry farm is very good.I have been satisfied and I will use it for my infant business. In Nebraska we have the water, we have the workers, and we have really good crops. E-mail:[email protected], hello Lisa, 1. He started off Kienyeji chicken. Please kindly send the pictures in my email address… [email protected]. we are looking for a supplier / partner for all equipments including fully automatic wherever available. For the first time, you can start with 500 birds. Basic production characteristics for indigenous chicken: 1. You sell a feed and i produce a feed. Please let me know more on poultry diseases and management especially on free range birds. Because I am the sixth generation, it has taken a lot of work from each generation to be successful and to intentionally lay the ground so that the next generation can come back. Shell Life: 3 Months Your suggestion will good for me and also fruitful.p. All financial and economic calculations included and format recognised by financial professionals and institutions. About 18% of these are Animal Cages, 0% are Animal Feeders, and 8% are Other Food Processing Machinery. I’ll try my level best… For my success.But for this, I need ur help… Please… tell me How square feet space need for every Layer Chicken ? 5.The environmental controller If you have better facilities for broiler poultry, then you should raise broilers. Please search our website for more information. The most common and widely raised poultry birds are chicken. thanks for your help you have for us. He takes good care of his chickens and he sees the results when he sells them.