To travel on the London Underground system and also DLR (its complement system), the top recommended card is the Oyster card, which can also be used on trains and buses. It is in places more like a tram in the number of close-by neighbourhood stops it makes and it is nowhere near as fast as the Underground but it is the most effective way to travel through much of the now bustling areas it serves. Plymouth via Bristol and Exeter, with an extension to Penzance. Destination DLR - download our map. Docklands Light Railway, London Docklands (London Docklands) is a region east of London and is in the district of Greenwich, Tower Hamletse, and Southwark. You can find on this page the map of London suburban train, the map of London overground, the map of London DLR, the map of London Crossrail, the map of the South West Trains, the map of the First Capital Connect, the map of the Southern Railway, the map of the C2C, the map of the First Great Western, the map of the Chiltern Railways, the map of the Abellio Greater Anglia, the map of the Southeastern Railway and the map of the Heathrow Connect. Its network of 28 stations and 80 miles (129 km) includes the following 3 lines: Trenitalia c2c Limited (known as c2c) is an English train operating company owned by Trenitalia which operates the Essex Thameside railway franchise. Many rail transport networks coexist in London. The Chiltern Railways which transports 897 million passengers per year, is the Chiltern Railways franchise since 2002 and is operated by Arriva UK Trains. See more ideas about Docklands light railway, Docklands, Railway. The franchise was re-tendered as East Anglia and awarded to Abellio in August 2016. Southeastern Raiway is the main operator of commuter and regional trains in South East London and Kent. Grab the front seat and enjoy the view. Map of the Docklands Light Railway network The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated light metro system in the United Kingdom that serves the London Docklands area of east and south-east London, owned by Transport for London (TfL) and currently operated under … First Capital Connect was acquired by Govia Thameslink Railway and became part of the Thameslink franchise. Access to the platforms is normally by staircase, very few stations having escalators. Description: This map shows London DLR (Docklands Light Railway) lines and stations. The Great Western Railway (GWR) is a British railway company belonging to the FirstGroup Plc group. DLR map MAYOR OF LONDON Improvement works to track and stations may affect your journey. Docklands (London Docklands) is a region east of London and is in the district of Greenwich, Tower Hamletse, and Southwark. The Souteastern Railway is the Integrated Kent franchise since 2006 and is operated by Govia (Go-Ahead and Keolis) Search for DLR station (e.g. Quizzes ... Geography Quiz / London DLR Map Random Geography or United Kingdom Quiz Can you name the stations on London's Docklands Light Railway? Latest travel advice and what we are doing to keep you safe on our services . It has 6 main links: Fares are the same as for other means of transport. The network consists of three X-shaped lines in central London. The Abellio Greater Anglia is the Greater Anglia franchise since 2012 and is operated by Abellio. Serco has lost the contract to run the Docklands Light Railway in London in a second blow to the outsourcing group in successive days. GWR operates the Great Western Main Line network. For that reason, London Transport began evaluating options for light rail and created the Docklands Light Railway. The London Docklands Project aimed at turning the neighborhood into an area with more density, buildings and corporate offices. This film shows some Docklands Light Railway (DLR) action at Canary Wharf station in London, England during the evening rush hour. It is highly recommended to save on your trip! The Crossrail is also known as the Elizabeth Line. All DLR lines are accessible to people with reduced mobility, DLR stations are equipped with lifts and the ramps to the platform are at the same level as the train. The Southern Railway is the Network SouthCentral franchise since 2009 and is operated by Govia (Go-Ahead and Keolis). The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated light metro system serving the redeveloped Docklands area of London, England. Its network of 179 stations includes the following 10 lines: The Southern Railway network consists of commuter rail lines in South London and regional services extending into the southern counties. 11 London Underground stations will be served: Ealing Broadway, Paddington, Liverpool Street, Whitechapel, Stratford, Canary Wharf or Custom House. Greater Anglia operates the East Anglia franchise, providing the majority of commuter and regional train services from the central London terminus at Liverpool Street. Check publicity in stations, visit or follow @LondonDLR All DLR stations have step-free access from street to train The first and last two sets of doors on three-car trains will not open at these stations. TIP: You can recharge an Oyster Card with the ticket TravelCard, mixing the two systems. Docklands Light Rail Information. Docklands Light Railway (DLR) was opened in August of 1987. The First Great Western which transports 4.9 billion passengers per year, is the Great Western franchise since 1998 and is operated by First Group. Since 2003 Chiltern Railways has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Laing Rail. Its network includes 208 stations and 1,322 miles (2 129 km). Opening with just 15 stations in 1987, the network currently serves 45 stations in East and Central London. The Crossrail, an urban & suburban train in construction, will open in 2015 and will be operated by the TFL (Transport for London). The initial system had little capacity as the Docklands area very quickly developed into a major financial centre and employment zone, increasing the demand on the fledgling commuter network. The Great Western Railway's rail network comprises three main routes to the south-west of England and south Wales, departing from London-Paddington station : First Great Western was also awarded the concession for the Thames Valley rail network, known as the First Great Western Link, previously operated by Thames Trains. Since 2007, Chiltern Railways has been owned by DB Regio, which in 2011 became a subsidiary of Arriva (Deutsche Bahn Group). Greater Anglia (Abellio East Anglia Limited) is a train operating company in Great Britain. There are many stations and you will always find one not too far from your destination. First Capital Connect ceased operations on 14 September 2014. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) connects with the Tube network at Bank and Tower Gateway (Tower Hill) stations and also at Shadwell, Stratford, Bow, Heron Quays, Canning Town and Canary Wharf. Service and network charges may apply. The metro train network serves Greater London and the surrounding areas of Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. With Oyster, you'll be able to use all means of transport in London and always at a discounted rate. Visitor & Tourist Map : Visitor Guide and Bus Route Map. From Stratford station to Richmond station; From Euston Station to Watford Junction Station; Highbury & Islington Station to West Croydon Station or Clapham Junction Station; Liverpool Street Station to Chingford Station or to Enfield Town and Cheshunt Station; Line: Stratford International ↔ Woolwich Arsenal, Line King's Lynn and Cambridge: King's Lynn ↔ London King's Cross, Line Cambridge Local: Cambridge ↔ London King's Cross, Line Peterborough: Peterborough ↔ London King's Cross, Line Hertford: Hitchin ↔ London King's Cross / Moortgate, Line Welwyn: Welwyn Garden City ↔ London King's Cross / Moortgate, Line Bedford and Brighton: Bedford ↔ Brighton, Line Luton, Wimbledon and Sutton: Luton ↔ Wimbledon / Sutton, Line St Albans, Mitcham and Sutton: St Alban ↔ Mitcham / Sutton. A geographically-accurate map of the Docklands Light Railway. Sprawled over East London, both north and south of the Thames, it's hard to believe that it opened in 1987 at a cost of just £77 million. Docklands Light Railway c2c Greater Anglia London Overground Southeastern (serving Greenwich) Southeastern (serving Lewisham) Southeastern High Speed Services (serving Stratford International) Interchange stations Interchange with Underground Emirates Air Line National Rail Connections Produced by 30.10.2012 Jack Brown, an expert on the history of the Docklands, wrote in the Independent during the Docklands Light Railway strike in 2015: "The DLR was designed and built to avoid such a turn of events." These 12 urban, suburban and communter train networks are a transit system serving the city of London (United Kingdom) with the tube, the tram, the bus, the nigth bus or the river bus. Wagn operated suburban services from King's Cross and Moorgate stations in London. The Oyster card can also be purchased at Newsstands and supermarkets, and the £5.00 paid to buy the card are refundable upon return of the card. Its network of 84 stations and 53 miles (86 km) includes 6 lines. January 2011 - This Is A Selection Of Shots On The Docklands Light Railway Network. Shadwell DLR station Shadwell is a Docklands Light Railway station in Shadwell in east London, England and is between the terminals of Bank and Tower … Chiltern Railways operates mainline rail services from Marylebone station in London to Aylesbury and Birmingham Snow Hill. The London Overground is a suburban rail network serving the Greater London area. play quizzes ad-free . Liverpool Street station will also be connected to Moorgate. Pontoon Dock is a station on the Docklands Light Railway in Silvertown in east London, which is on the Woolwich Arsenal branch, opened on 2 December 2005. Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated, light metro system servicing part of London, England since 1987. First opened on 31 August 1987, the DLR has been extended multiple times, and now reaches north to Stratford, south to Lewisham, west to Tower Gateway and Bank in the City of London financial district, and east to Beckton, London City Airport and Woolwich Arsenal. The Docklands Light Railway is connected to the London Underground, Buses, Emirates Air Line and mainline railways. TfL Journey Planner. Oyster Card and the Travelcard Rates for zones of the Docklands Light Railway, Oyster Card TravelCard Grab the front seat and enjoy the view. If you want to spend a few days in London, you can purchase prepaid Oyster Card (pay as you go) without registering; you only have to pay 5 pounds to purchase your card at any underground station or DLR London. London Underground Tube Map. From North Quay Junction, trains run along concrete viaduct, passing through West India Quay station. For live departures, status information, route maps and timetables. Invite to The United Kingdom – Made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the UK might not often seem extremely united – certainly, Scotland resembled electing for electing self-reliance in 2014. The Docklands light Railway (DLR, for short) has been one of London's major transport success stories. Download our map of things to do via the DLR . 1 day 1 day 1 week All DLR stations have lift or ramp access to the platforms and relatively level access to the trains. Our community ambassadors are here to help anyone using the DLR. The fine is £80. While you’re at it, tweet us a picture @londondlr #DLR30. The First Capital Connect which transports 3.2 billion passengers per year, is the Thameslink Great Northern franchise since 2006 and is operated by First Group. DLR is considered only one line and has several sections. According to the Strategic Rail Authority, it is the 5th most punctual railway company. Folding bikes can enter the DLR at peak times. List of Docklands Light Railway … South West Trains was a British railway company that operated the South Western franchise between 1996 and 2017. Twelve urban trains form one of London's public transport systems: DLR, Crossrail, South West Train, C2C, First Great Western, Chiltern Railways, Abelio Greater Anglia, Southeastern Railway and Heathrow Connect. In 2017, Abellio agreed to sell 40% of its shares to Mitsui. It is a commercial and residential district in the Port of London. DLR is considered only one line and has several sections. The Docklands Light Railway is a light metro largely running through eastern London and now an integral part of the transport network through the city. Its network of 62 stations and 208 miles (336 km) includes the following 2 lines: Chiltern Railways is a British railway company created when British Rail was privatised in 1996. Thameslink operated a concession in the London area comprising 225 km of lines and 50 stations. The commuter trains consist of 52 lines including 1325 stations forming a network of more than 4300 km. We are going to present them to you on this page as well as the various associated plans. For more information on cards and rates of Public Transportation System in London, click here. Son réseau se compose de 213 stations. Random Quiz. The Docklands Light Railway is part of the Greater London public rail network. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) connects with the Tube network at Bank and Tower Gateway (Tower Hill) stations and also at Shadwell, Stratford, Bow, Heron Quays, Canning Town and Canary Wharf. Docklands Light Railway 30 things to do via the Docklands Light Railway Destination DLR DLR routes Drive the DLR Be a train driver for the day on the driverless Docklands Light Railway. Please use the centre of the train. TravelCard is a travel ticket that can be used for 1, 3, 7 or 30 days. The DLR makes its connection from Docklands and Stratford to the north, Lewisham to the south, Tower Gatheway and the financial center of London to the west, and Beckton to the east to the London Airport and Woolwich Arsenal. Enter height or width below and click on 'Submit' Docklands maps. The Docklands Light Railway is a light metro largely running through eastern London and now an integral part of the transport network through the city. The four-track layout continues over West India Dock into Canary Wharf, where a six-track station serves three running lines. There are parking areas at some stations. The frequency of trains is 5-10 minutes throughout the day and 3.5 minutes during peak times. The London Overground covers Greater London and Hertfordshire. As its path is mainly in zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 must take into account the rates of these areas. The DLR as it's usually referred to - or the Docklands Light Railway to give it its full name - is probably London's most beloved form of transport for those who use it. The London urban, suburban and communter trains network is gathering several train networks. Quick Links. To get there, you need to take the DLR from any station to Woolwich Arsenal. Bank) Coronavirus: safer travel. The London Overground which transports 124.6 million passengers per year, exists since 2007 and is operated by the TFL (Transport for London). After reconstruction, there are now four tracks, serving two island platforms. (TfL Rail). Sometimes you need to change platform to reach your destination. In 2014, DLR embarked on a project to replace its aging on-train monitoring equipment for its B92 driverless vehicle fleet. Width: Height: You can resize this map. Built in the 1980s, it was designed to be the first fully accessible railway in the UK, providing access for disabled and older people. The station is set into the Cabot Place shopping and office complex, at the foot of 1 Canada Square, th… Rome2rio makes travelling from Earlsfield to Docklands Light Railway extension to Dagenham Dock easy. TfL Live Departure Boards (Bus,Tube,Dlr,Rail,River) TfL Tube Closure Calendar.