We have programmes for citizens, businesses and government agencies to get on board. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. ... We collaborate with people who work in government to address service delivery problems. We think it's important that everyone can access and understand what's going on in Parliament. How to contact GDS about GOV.UK Members of the public should use the support form to contact GDS . Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Using technology to make an impact, inspire change. We build better products when our team represents all of America. Online government services are a simple, clear and fast way to get things done. LockA locked padlock A free API management service for federal agencies. Official websites use .gov Provides resources and collaborative opportunities to facilitate the use of prize competitions in government. The government will provide up to £5 million to develop options for an authoritative address register that is open and freely available. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for U.S. Government Websites and Social Media —Addressing web and digital communications related to COVID-19. Contact us. We strongly encourage people of color, members of racial and ethnic minority groups, women, LGBTQI+ people, those with disabilities, and Veterans to apply. How to contact the Government Digital Service (GDS) if you're a government publisher. Nearly any government form or service can be offered digitally. With more and more people […] Popular Guides and Resources. Immigrants apply for naturalization. What the Government Digital Service does. We’re a centre of excellence in digital, technology and data, collaborating with departments to help them with their own transformation. Pensioner can find detailed information about this service and locate nearest location of a Jeevan Pramaan Centre. Provides funding for new technology projects or products across government, from the TTS office of investments. Digital Services Playbook. Additional information about the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) can be found at https://www.gsa.gov/about. An official website of the United States government. We’re able to work on projects to take an idea to implementation, and guide teams on best practices for how to continue this momentum even after we’re gone.”, “Serving a tour of duty with USDS is not only good for the country but also a great opportunity for you as a technologist.”, “I’ve been involved with so many things I am proud of, but probably the most meaningful contribution is making the civil service stronger.”, “Making sure we can improve, design, and iterate on a printed piece of paper, while explaining policy in a more human-centered way was a challenge I wasn’t expecting.”, “At the Defense Digital Service I help make the lives of service members better, and safer.”. Every person, from all walks of life, interacts with their government. Email address. ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. A free hosted search platform for federal websites. Discover opportunities across government that will help you build and make connections. The government’s own expert digital design team have spent three years building a new, safe system for verifying user’s identities - now in action on gov.uk. Government Digital Service (GDS) was set up to radically change the way public sector services are delivered, and it partnered with ThoughtWorks to achieve this goal. Meet a few staff members who have signed on for tours of civic service. It was formed in April 2011 to implement the "Digital by Default" strategy proposed by a report produced for the Cabinet Office in 2010 called 'Directgov 2010 and beyond: revolution not evolution'. You can register online with the help of this portal and provide your details to get a digital life certificate. The United States Digital Service is an elite technology unit housed within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. A product of the U.S. General Services Administration. Named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired, Estonia has built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem where 99% of governmental services are online. Get help and advice. It provides consultation services to federal agencies on information technology. ... A team of designers with diverse backgrounds that help agencies address complex challenges and build human-centered design capacity across the federal government. A publishing platform that helps federal partners launch, maintain and manage Government websites. A window into how people are interacting with the government online. The site is secure. When you join USDS you become part of a vibrant, supportive group of humans. GDS is leading the digital transformation of government. The American people expect to interact with government through digital channels such as websites, email, and mobile applications. The Government Digital Service worked with organisations across government, alongside multilaterals, to create the Digital Buying Guide. The Defense Digital Service (DDS) is a SWAT team of nerds established by the Secretary of Defense to provide the best in modern technology to bolster national defense. It also includes a list of the upcoming community events and training aimed at elevating your digital expertise. This little-known program has played a central role in the U.S. government's coronavirus response; Feds come hunting tech talent in Silicon Valley; Matt Cutts on solving big problems with lean solutions at the U.S. Digital Service; How tech workers in the government could make everyone’s life … Understanding the range of contexts our users come from is key to designing quality government digital … The challenges behind the rollout of HealthCare.gov made clear that accessing government services should be as easy as ordering a book online.. Since kicking off in 2016, the Hack the Pentagon program has engaged ethical hackers across the globe to help the Department of Defense identify and remedy thousands of security vulnerabilities. We want to improve people’s experience of government services. Common digital services range from filling tax returns to renewing a driver’s license to applying for a pet license. This week we’re launching a trial of a LocalGov Social hangout, for LocalGov Digital members to drop into whenever they want. A FedRAMP approved cloud hosting platform that makes it easy for federal agencies to get on the cloud by simplifying procurement, security, and compliance. We hire technologists from diverse backgrounds to improve the services that millions rely on. A toolkit of principles, guidance, and code that helps agency digital teams build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites for the American public. Guidance on building better digital services in government. A collection of federal source code including open source software. And we do that by providing people in the federal government with the tools, methods, practices, and policy guidance they need to deliver effective and accessible digital services. The Government Digital Service (GDS) is part of the Cabinet Office. A URL shortener for official government domains. Digital government services (also called e-government) are defined as service delivery within government — as well as between government and the public — using information and communication technologies. The Quality Payment Program API makes it easy for clinicians to submit quality metrics to CMS and for the government to review and return feedback promptly, which leads to greater health outcomes for patients and a more positive experience with value-based care for providers. They're not just coming for a paycheck and that makes a huge difference in the work environment.”, “I will never forget my USDS family when I move on.”, “I am intrigued to see what will be able to engage me and feel as impactful as my time here!”, “I think that President Obama instilled in all of his staff the sense to do what is right, not always what is easy.”, “USDS’ value is in delivery and building capacity. A lock ( To improve these services, USDS hires top technologists into term-limited ‘tours of civic service.’ By working alongside civil servants, they help build better tools for the people. The Canadian Digital Service teams up with federal departments and agencies to put people’s needs at the centre of government services. We all know that getting services and benefits from the government isn’t easy, but unfortunately, it’s not the only obstacle our users face. We test with people who need government services to find design solutions that are easy to use. We make it easy to register and manage a .gov domain for US-based government organizations. Digital Services for Digital Constituents We partner with Georgia state agencies and elected officials to deliver information and services to the public. “Everyone is here because they care about people and they want to change things for the better. A free analytics tool for measuring digital services in the federal government. It is overseen by the Public Expenditure … GDS do not have telephone land lines nor central switchboard. The Digital.gov Newsletter is a round-up of innovative work, news and ideas from people and teams across government. How to apply for jobs at the Government Digital Service (GDS). Last week we announced the launch of our COVID-19 channel on Slack, for local government digital practitioners to coordinate their efforts on Coronavirus. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS Four percent of the entire American economy is fueled by Medicare payments and 57 million people depend on it for their healthcare. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) is a process that authorizes cloud products and services. Have a question about government services? We worked with CMS to build an API that enables beneficiaries with different needs to grant access to developers that can help them monitor for drug conflicts, refill prescriptions, and track progress towards desired healthcare outcomes. U.S. Digital Service is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Too often, outdated tools and complex systems make these interactions cumbersome and frustrating. Read more. A free analytics tool for measuring digital services in the federal government. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Traditionally, government services have been delivered in person, by individual departments in different locations, and often using … By building digital services that meet their needs, we can make the delivery of our policy and programs more effective. Government Digital Service helps government work better for everyone. As part of GSA’s Technology Transformation Services (TTS), we apply modern methodologies and technologies to improve the public’s experience with government. MyGovernment Portal is a single gateway for simplified and seamless online services and information based on citizen centric and life events concept. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. Follow their code on GitHub. A team of designers with diverse backgrounds that help agencies address complex challenges and build human-centered design capacity across the federal government. The Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) works with the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and Parliament staff on their IT and digital needs. Data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications. An inventory of official government social media accounts, mobile websites and apps, as reported and authenticated by federal managers. We are designers, product managers, engineers, and data scientists from industry and government who advance critical DoD initiatives. Government Digital Services, Singapore has 110 repositories available. Guidance on building better digital services in government. Explore free and low-cost services for improving your users‘ digital experience, Federal Crowdsource Mobile Testing Program, Report fraud, waste, or abuse to the Office of the Inspector General, Submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Read to find out how and why it was created. Digital Profession. Co-creating for better value. That’s why it’s our job to do the hard work to make it simple. The site's primary function is offering three fully digital services: passport application and renewal, appointment management, and secure census data collection and storage. Informational Events — Digital.gov provides a range of free events for people and teams across the federal government. A catalog of federal crowdsourcing and citizen science projects. It helps civil servants in governments across the world improve their procurement processes. This is the official YouTube channel for Government Digital Service (GDS). A customized, plain language tool gives Veterans step-by-step guidance for submitting a strong application to upgrade their discharge status. Our small, highly empowered teams use their expertise to develop human-centered solutions to the Federal Government’s most pressing technical challenges. For questions about this website, email digitalgov@gsa.gov. Our job is digital transformation of government. Too often, outdated tools, systems, and practices make interacting with the government cumbersome and frustrating. Our mission is to transform how government learns, builds, delivers, and measures digital services in the 21st century. MyGovernment is an initiative by MAMPU towards the enhancement reinforcement of Integrated and Secured Digital Services under the 11th Malaysia Plan. Here you can find news and updates about what's going on in and around the GDS. Veterans apply for health care. Read more, TTS Solutions is a portfolio of products and services that help agencies improve delivery of information and services to the public. Check out our social media channels to see more USDS moments. Analytics analytics.usa.gov DAP Digital Analytics Program Metrics Product Management. It seeks to improve and simplify digital service, and to improve federal websites. The .gov means it’s official. Millions of people use Federal Government services every day. An identity management service that provides secure and private online access to participating government programs. Products and Services. Our web platform , training , consulting , and governance put constituents' needs first to provide the best possible experience. Making wider use of more precise address data and ensuring it is frequently updated will unlock opportunities for innovation. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. The Government Digital Service (GDS) has had a turbulent history since it was founded in 2011 as a new Cabinet Office unit in charge of driving digital transformation within government. We work with them to build platforms, standards, and digital services. Helping Veterans upgrade their Discharge Status, Modernizing health data access with Medicare APIs, Implementing a new, quality-based Medicare payment system, This little-known program has played a central role in the U.S. government's coronavirus response, Feds come hunting tech talent in Silicon Valley, Matt Cutts on solving big problems with lean solutions at the U.S. Digital Service, How tech workers in the government could make everyone’s life easier: ‘Get rid of the paper’, How a Star Wars Crab Became a Federal Agency’s Twitter Avatar, This simple technological fix helped veterans get health benefits, Uncle Sam wants you to join the United States Digital Service, U.S. Digital Service, Obama’s White House ‘startup,’ finding its way under Trump, Tech-starved government seeks industry’s best, brightest. Learn more . Compatibility testing service that agencies can use to test the mobile-friendliness of their websites. Eight million lines of COBOL and 2.5 million lines of assembly running on 15 mainframes. We are a world leading organisation that has inspired many other governments globally to follow our example. An official website of the United States government. At GDS we are friendly, open and supportive Explore a few of our projects. We help agencies make their services more accessible, efficient, and effective with modern applications, platforms, processes, personnel, and software solutions. The DTA and the APSC have launched the Digital Profession to address current and future digital capability needs for the Australian Public Service. Powered by the Digital Analytics Program (DAP). You can access the hangout here. Join 60,000 others in government and sign-up for our newsletter — a round-up of the best digital news in government and across our field.