1 Answer Hegedűs György. Anyway...). From the menu: insert -> view -> section view. In the Section View PropertyManager, click Half Section. Expert Answer . A 'section drawing', 'section' or 'sectional drawing' shows a view of a structure as though it had been sliced in half or cut along another imaginary plane. First, use the TRIM command to eliminate the interior lines that are not needed. Figure 20 - Front view and half section. A sectional view obtained by assuming that the object is completely cut by a plane is called a full section or sectional view. A section is a 1-by-1-mile (1.6 km) area. Figure a shows the view from the right of the object shown in Fig. 5. Half Section • Symmetrical parts can be shown in half sections. Half Section. Bryce Heventhal. The sectioned view provides all the inner details, better than the unsectioned view with dotted lines for inner details (Fig. Students are also advised to note the representation of the cutting plane in the view from above, for obtaining the half sectional view from the front. 25 Jun, 2012 05:17 PM I want generate a sectional or half sectional view of object in Catia or Pro E. 4 Answers marcin otręba. A full section view is the full section. To produce a sectional view, a cutting plane is imagined cutting through the part, as shown in fig. It is really a drawing within a drawing, and it clearly describes the object’s shape at a certain cross section. This result is top view in section. Symmetrical filters have an even number of half-sections and antimetrical filters have an odd number of half-sections. The half section will show the left side of the object as a normal orthographic view and the right side as a sectional view. Figure a below shows an object with the cutting plane in position for obtaining a half sectional view from the front, the top half being in section. SolidWorks will prompt "Do you want this to be a partial section cut?". Offset View When specific features of an object that need highlighting are not located on the straight line of the cutting plane, an irregular-shaped cutting … Use object snaps, object snap tracking, ortho and polar tracking to specify the location of the section line precisely. Power runs along the eastern edge of the property along Cedartop County Road. Fill in the visible lines in the right side half section view. Notice: the direction of section lines 2.half sections 42. 2 Half Section • Half sections are commonly used to show both the internal and outside view of symmetrical objects. Note that after completing a break-out section, no modification is possible. This may be overcome by representing one or more of the views ‘in section’. 67847585_1943532529081574_4060138936888983552_n.jpg. The Custodian. In this view, the cutting plane is assumed to bend at a right angle and cuts through only … No hidden lines Center line divides the halves 47. In figure 3-20, the draftsman has revolved the section view … This half section constitutes one half of the full section. • Half section without hidden lines. A full section view is the full section. Half Section Half Section is used to the exterior and interior of the part in the same view. 44. Share. I have created a linetype with the text GAS OPTION in it. Figure a shows an object, with the cutting plane passing through it and Fig. —This type of section is used to eliminate the need to draw extra views of rolled shapes, ribs, and similar forms. The view created will be a section of one half of the part with the other half … 3 Offset Section … Even in half sectional views, it is a good practice to omit the hidden lines. Thin wall sections Ribs, webs, spokes, gear teeth and other thin features are not section lined when … The view should also contain the visible parts behind the cutting plane.