Filter. Everybody is afraid of examinations. I am afraid of the worst, that he was killed, If you look at it from myself, I am afraid. (In these cases, it’s a direct equivalent to “I’m scared”) ——————————————- I’m afraid you didn’t get the job. High quality example sentences with “I am afraid but” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Many of them, I am afraid, are simply adamant in their views and are not interested in the evidence. I’m afraid of the dark. I am afraid of dogs. (In these cases, it’s … Make your emails more varied and rich with these over 150 phrases. You can use this phrase to say "no" to a request: A: Excuse me, can you spare some change? (be: is/am/are, seems, looks) " I became worried when they didn't arrive on time. Learn Ludwig. I am afraid this terrible situation may not stop immediately, I am afraid this will cause social turbulence and panic. We should not be afraid of calling a spade a spade. I want to go on the roller coaster, but I’m afraid. CK 1 2107443 Tom's afraid. I am afraid, however, that it would be quite contrary to the College's policy to create a joint tenancy with him. He is afraid of getting wet. I am afraid of ghosts. For example, a waiter can say this to a customer: I'm very sorry, sir, but I'm afraid we're all out of the salmon. But I am afraid these hopes will not be fulfilled. 2111762 I'm afraid. Let him do whatever he can I am not afraid of him. The mere sight of a dog made her afraid. She is afraid of dogs. You are offline. I’m afraid to fly. Examples of afraid in a sentence, how to use it. They are not afraid of fighting. I am not in the least afraid of dogs. (became, got, started to get) Used with adverbs: " He is very worried about his future. Sentence examples for I am afraid but from inspiring English sources. 97 examples: They winced under their wry faces, afraid to stand and afraid to run away. I am not afraid of the consequences. :I am afraid that you will have to be patient. CK 1 2202553 We're afraid. Even though he's a policeman, he's afraid of thieves. CK 1 2271945 I won't be afraid. (very, extremely, fairly, deeply, desperately, seriously, terribly) CK 1 2243534 They'll be afraid. I'm afraid there's add1a misunderstanding. It didn’t turn up, I’m afraid. The Word "Afraid" in Example Sentences Page 1. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " She is worried about her mother. I'm afraid I've offended you. Explanation of the English phrase "I'm afraid (clause)": Use this phrase when you have to give someone information that they won't like. - Of… I’m afraid I couldn’t get it fixed. Staying on top of your inbox is not always easy, but having some useful phrases like these can save you a lot of time. I'm afraid you'll have to go in person. CK 1 2549086 I'm afraid of Tom. ... CK 1 257416 I am afraid to go. I wasn't afraid to stand up and speak in public and I had learned all sorts of lessons about how to put your point across effectively. I am not afraid of my enemy. use "afraid" in a sentence You aren't afraid of ghosts, are you? CK 1 2247452 I was afraid. By Paola Pascual on Dec 26, 2018 9:04:34 AM.