Even as a freelancer, it’s easy (as your career advances) to focus on bigger projects, bigger budgets, sexier clients, etc. I don’t want to be in a cubicle forever, I hate this job! It is illegal to actually copy someone's intellectual property or claim all or part of their work as your own. Client Email Helper; On Getting Paid. My half-retired dentist father still makes more than I do. if your reply contains something useful for your followers) but not in this circumstance or similar circumstances. Combining fonts from the same super family is definitely the first step to feeling confident mixing and matching typefaces. means the rest of the week you can feel totally fine putting it off. Each time, I wish I had a precise and perfect answer to give to the sender, but I don’t—not because I forget what it's like to struggle for work, but because what works for one person does not necessarily work for all people. ), so if I don’t get back to you by next Monday send me a reminder.” I add the item to a task list and then archive the request email, considering it handled until I have time to go through my lists. Then, once you were well practiced and felt confident in your abilities to play, you'd form a band, you'd write your own songs, and you'd find your own voice. This goes for both introducing yourself, and introducing your friends to others. We’d be in control! It’s true that every job you have will affect your portfolio if you let it, but you could be a lion tamer during the day as long as you found time to do design at night. I love typefaces that have really lovely true italics that are easily identifiable in blocks of text. Graphic designers should still pay attention though, because when I talk about buyout pricing, that’s essentially what you’re going to be thinking about when pricing logos. If you’ve seen me speak in the last year, you’ve seen me use Jackson’s beautiful Harriet Series all over my presentations. Every morning, usually from 9am to 10am, I download all of my emails onto my iPad mini (for which I have one of those teeny logitech keyboards) and take it to a coffee shop or breakfast spot with no wifi. The reason why there are so many unpaid internships is because so many people are willing to work for free. E mail is one of those things that people endlessly bitch about. About. Illustrators, this goes for you too. I needed to find a way to block off time specifically to work on typefaces so that I can finish up the dozens of half-baked fonts I’ve started and not finished. If the person you’re meeting goes in for a hug, don’t switch it up for a handshake, even if hugging isn’t really your thing. A generous x-height allows you to set type at small sizes (for captions and the like) and have it still be very legible. I just saw I had a voicemail and I don’t recognize the number—I’m just going to make sure it’s not something important or that someone’s not stealing my identity. So essentially, if you're not a few degrees away from that potential client, your chances of working with them are slim. Some typefaces are released as a super family. As a designer, when you hear the term “rights-management” it takes you back to your intern days doing photo research, trying to find non-awful royalty-free images after your boss told you all the rights-managed photos were way too expensive. This works best if you live in New York or Los Angeles or a city that a number of publications work out of, but really there is a magazine or newspaper in every town. When you complained to your parents, he shouted "but I didn't touch her!" By helping to keep pricing standards high, you not only help yourself by avoiding the title of “The Poor Man’s Marian Bantjes” (essentially the creative equivalent of a knock-off handbag), you also help every other young designer struggling to get paid out there, and help every designer that came before you to continue making a living doing what they love. Jessica Hische speaks on the intersection of arts and technology through the lens of web typography. If the x-height is way too high, your eye won’t be able to distinguish quickly between caps and lowercase, which can make you lose your place while reading. You have to keep up with what’s happening with design, who's who, etc. I don’t make pretty “mind maps” where I try to draw visual connections between my thoughts, I just let my mind wander and write down any word that pops into my brain when reminiscing about a book I just finished or when brainstorming for a company’s logo. You are used to spending entirely too much time hovering over a keyboard googling endless combinations of words to figure out why something looks beautiful in Chrome but like a flaming pile of poo in Firefox. I love everything this man makes and when he showed me Harriet for the first time I wanted to both punch him in the face and kiss him on the lips. Please feel free to email comments or corrections. Those born under the Aries zodiac sign have an exciting and enthusiastic energy. Having a day job is also helpful for more than just paying the bills when you start out, you learn SO MUCH about the industry from every job you have. If counters are too closed, it can make a letter seem heavy or affect legibility and letter recognition. Post-lunch is for production and is when I can best find a flow-state with (vector) work. Here’s another scenario: You’re hired to do a monogram for a giant international company. There are a variety of options out there and each has its own pros and cons. Jessica’s Client Email Helper. If you are a web designer, chances are you know developers of different skill levels and price ranges that will work well for different projects. But wait! Web design is almost always a collaborative process—even the savviest of Wordpress hackers are still starting with a CMS that was built by others and usually incorporating plug-ins developed by others. Before I introduce you to a few type designers, I’ll answer the question that every person in the type world is asked—“What’s your favorite font?” If you are a designer of any sort, you’ve probably been asked this question more than once. Frankly, I'm flattered and simultaneously depressed at any given moment and try not to think about it. This schedule will of course not work (or be very difficult to adhere to) during days I’m traveling for conferences, but I’m in one place, San Francisco, for nearly the whole month of August so it’s a perfect time to experiment with strict schedules. A serif and sans-serif might look spectacular together if they share a similar skeleton—a lot of people recommend this as a place to start. Thankfully, I’ve found a community of friends who feel similarly, and we all support each other. As far as when to go freelance: I’d recommend having 3-6 months of rent / living costs in the bank before you do since it can take a while for the ball to really get rolling. This becomes epically clear when working for big name clients. Using sans-serif typefaces for body copy can be a little tricky because without serifs it can be more difficult for the eye to quickly distinguish between two similar letter forms. If you're ripping someone off accidentally, this can be severely detrimental to your career without you even knowing it. Resist posting the practice—the piece that you know is too close to its inspiration. This has really helped me stay on top of my inbox because when I sign in, emails are arranged hierarchically so I can separate high-priority client stuff from casual correspondence. If what you’re missing is direct interaction with a mentor or someone whose opinion you trust, there are a few ways around this. I feel for web developers because so few people understand the artistry involved in what they do. Do have a favorite type designer. Jessica Hische is part of a Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y). Web designers are pumped that they can use more than a handful of fonts on the internet, and type designers are pumped that this new group of people using their fonts actually know how to use computers. You'd spend hours alone trying to be like Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page or whomever you really admired. Now we were more than creatives, we were business people. Work Inquiries Clients. If you accept a friend request on Facebook, you automatically “follow” each other. Since then Hannes has released a few other faces including Pluto and Pluto Sans. Remember that you are talented and that your talent has value and that ultimately it is up to you to determine how much people value your talent. Sometimes I want to set text at different sizes but maintain an even text color. Sometimes serifs can be classified as clothes or meat, depending on how essential they are to the structure of the type. Alrighty, now that you know where to look and have established some general guidelines for what you are and aren’t looking for in an anchor typeface, you can start getting a little arty. If the email app that you use buzzes and dings every time something new comes in, disable notifications. I’m a believer that if you have a favorite font, you’re probably using it inappropriately or way too often. Sometimes that experience is very valuable, especially if your employer takes a lot of time to personally educate you—it’s almost like getting paid to go to grad school. Of the couple hundred client projects I’ve done over the past few years, very few of them have required a full buyout of all rights, and the ones that have required them paid my rent for the better part of a year. What reps do definitely help with, is price and contract negotiation, paperwork, and promoting you to the advertising field. I would make the ultra-schedule—a strict hour by hour timeline that would keep me in line and make sure that every day I accomplished something other than answering a few dozen emails. The white space within and surrounding a letter is incredibly important to the overall design of the type, just as important as the black parts—spacing can absolutely make or break a typeface. Should you be compensated for this? You know how long it will take you to do something, you price for it, everyone is happy. What I hope that you take away from this is that you don’t have to defend your desire to focus on craft. That friend really wants to do it but is a little too busy at the time (and the budget is decent but too low to warrant several all-nighters). To send comments or propose corrections (kind and helpful tone appreciated), email me. Rather than doing what comes naturally (i.e. It takes most people years to build up enough client work to branch out on their own and work entirely freelance, so when you're fresh out of the gate, expect to have to have a day job of some sort to support you while you build up your client list. If you copy someone else, you’re depriving yourself of the amazing feeling of creation, of making something that is yours and yours alone. Strangers might think it’s the only t-shirt you own and that you’re some kind of mysteriously well-groomed homeless person. One of the major disadvantages with self-hosted web fonts is that if the type designer chooses to update the typeface, you must manually update the typeface on your site (upload new files to your host) vs. a hosted service which will update the files automatically (sometimes prompting you to “republish your kit”). my mom), who signs into my email a few times a day to sort it for me (and answer emails that are a super easy answer, like “what’s your office address” or “will you design my tattoo for me” (answer: sorry, no)). Maybe, but this is how you can actually make a living doing illustration and design and maybe even eventually quit your but-they-give-me-health-insurance barista job. Well, maybe not complete bullshit but definitely a hearty serving of it. If you work for an agency or at a company, the more “successful” you are (the higher up the corporate ladder you travel) the further removed you are from the physical process of making. Typefaces definitely have personalities and I’ll get into ways to conceptually brainstorm about type shortly. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Web designers can easily test and play with many typefaces before committing to them thanks to free trials offered by foundries and web fonts services as well as tools like Typecast, which allows you to design with live fonts in the browser. Sure you’re getting paid well enough and certainly making more hourly than you probably were at your old day job, but I’ll paint a picture as to why this is a flawed pricing model: Two designers are hired to produce posters for a music festival. jessica hische is a letterer, illustrator, and self-described 'avid internetter' - she recently told designboom more about her work. The only issue is that the stakes feel really high. They’ll want to use this monogram on everything from price tags to billboards to TV spots and they want to use it forever (in perpetuity until the sun explodes). You’re nearing the halfway point in the project and are already over the total hours you’re contractually committed to. You should also make it clear to him that next time he has an issue with you, he should bring it up with you before going above your head and telling your boss (respect the chain of command!). Type designers and web designers have an amazing amount in common, that’s why it’s super wonderful that they’ve been collaborating more lately. People use twitter in many ways, some as a newsfeed by following prominent people or networks, some as a pseudo-chatroom by limiting their followers and whom they follow to close friends and family, and some as a microblog for updating people about the work they are doing and their personal lives. It's shocking how many people in our world know and talk to each other regularly. You’re in a good place already if you can see what is missing from your life / your career, the only thing to do next is to come up with solutions of how to get that missing piece back in your life. Sometimes you’re working on a project and you can add another layer of conceptual fun by sticking to type that was created during or accurately references the historical period your project is meant to convey. Remember when you were on a road trip as a kid and your brother played the "I'm not touching you" game by putting his hand/finger as close as possible to your face without actually touching it? Since I have no deadlines on Mondays, they’re great days to catch up on email and all the other nonsense you deal with as a business owner. I think about this whenever I receive a heads-up that someone had made a derivative of one of our fonts: the Requiem-with-snipped-off-serifs that we’ll see in a font distributor’s website, or the Gotham-with-a-different-M that’s profiled to great applause on some online showcase. I ramp up my public speaking, do more workshops, meet with students, etc. Young designers and illustrators are plagued by an issue that didn't really affect those of us that are in our late 20s or older—they think that everything they ever create should be published to the internet. I know many of you went to art school and I’m assuming most of the people reading this article are designers, illustrators or others working within the world of what we reluctantly call “communication art”. All this said, it’s definitely one of the easiest services to implement on your site since there’s no need for a membership, login, or payment. All other typefaces you select must first pass the “does this jive with my anchor” test. It’s helped me a lot, which is why I’ve included it, but unless you’re getting 50-100+ emails daily (emails that require responses personally from you), you’re probably fine just following the rest of my suggestions. It’s incredibly important for even young designers to always quote respectable prices. That person took one look at your portfolio and thought "they're rippin-off my friend!" If you do it in a way that is kind, you might end up making an ally instead of an enemy and they'll tread more carefully on future projects. It takes the person’s username and puts it “in the middle” of the tweet. While the “somewhat accurate” version might scream 1920s a bit more loudly than the historically accurate version, there’s something nice about making historical references that are more subtle and less cartoonish. I’ve created this handy tool to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favorable contract terms before the start of a project. The power ladies of typography share projects, thoughts, etc. Worse case scenario, meeting with people helps you hone your people skills. But the issue with huge editions is that you have to store all those prints, possibly for YEARS if they don’t sell. It’s awkward. This site is not a comprehensive guide as Twitter is always adding new subtle features to make their service more useful and user-friendly, but this should demystify most of the basics. If there is someone annoying in your feed you have to opt-out of following them or “hide” them). Again, if you're a people person, you'll have more luck with this, but never turn down an opportunity to meet with art directors. It annoyed the shit out of you. That doesn’t mean I was raking it in, but I was able to change my humble diet of ramen to…pasta. Type-centric. Sometimes I feel like I should be sending Typekit extra money because they’re so inexpensive it feels like I’m stealing from them. I know you’re all dying for me to get down to brass tacks and explain how to price for each and every design situation, but what follows won’t be anywhere close to a definitive guide, just some of my own opinions and words of wisdom on how to avoid screwing yourself and the rest of us over by doing too much work for too little pay. People are there to have fun. It's very unethical to knowingly copy someone else's illustration style when not doing work that is an obvious homage to them. Since I’ve left, I been trying to pick up the pieces to regain that go-get-’em confidence I once had. When you’re offered a very low budget by a very huge client, you can always feel good about turning it down knowing that you are helping to raise the standards of pricing for others. Understanding yourself and your specific social needs is the first key to bettering your networking skills. If you diversify your inspirations, the chances of this happening become much smaller. Like most services with this pricing model, they do allow a free one month trial for their fonts so you can see everything in place before committing. This is all just ending up in a landfill anyway.”. Before I introduce you to a few type designers, Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs & Sami Kortemäki, Rich Roat, Andy Cruz, Ken Barber, & Others. Type is rendered differently on Windows than it is on Mac, so sometimes something that looks beautiful and smooth on Mac looks completely weird and janky on Windows. Josh and his studio make incredibly beautiful typefaces, including Freight, a serif super family and Omnes, a rounded sans that has a wonderful weight range and great personality. Everything would feel more cohesive and whoever he hired wouldn’t feel creatively pigeonholed by the work I had already done. I feel like I’m moving mountains even though I’m only nudging vectors. There are definitely times even now when I question the decisions I make about my career. But the 17 year old with the sketchpad is entirely different. Of the three internships I had in college, all were paid. You are doing things that are employee-like—converting Quark files to InDesign files, archiving, prepping files for the designer to send to print, maybe even doing some light design work that will most likely never be shown to the client. By the time you graduated you could hopefully tell the difference between a Picasso and a Braque, even though when you were a freshman it all just looked the same. In order to avoid ripping other artists off, you have to first be able to identify other people's work. Receiving a defensive angry email back, 6. I care, the nerds care, and that’s enough for me.” If you are thinking to yourself “Wow! Note: This text was created as a talk for An Event Apart in San Diego. But before you agree to a low paying job, examine what you’ll actually be learning there. If I wanted to break it down even further, I would price based on 2 year and 5 year use and give different prices for U.S. only, North America only, etc. It’s especially hard because, more often than not, the work you’re doing at your day job is less than inspiring when you are starting out. Was there ever a time when you had overwhelming doubts about where you were going in your career, and questioned whether you were competent enough to pursue all you dreams? I know from personal experience that their self-hosted method is not the easiest to implement. So once you have a grip on your work flow and become more and more efficient, hourly pricing makes perfect sense, right? What your professor said puts way too much pressure on you to get an amazing job straight out of school—which is REALLY REALLY hard! Everyone knows that you won’t get rich from an internship, but companies (even tiny ones) can afford to pay you something for your time, even if what you’re being paid amounts to little more than minimum wage in a city like New York. The x-height line shows just how much taller Gotham’s x-height is compared to Mr. Eaves. There are brave souls that take on large companies when rip-offs happen (like Modern Dog) but if you followed their journey (which thankfully had a happy ending) it was full of heartache and stress, they had to sell their studio to pay legal fees, etc. There are definitely people that maliciously rip artists off left and right, and this post is not for them. Behance didn't exist. If someone sends you an app or link to check out, it can end up being the catalyst for an hour long internet browsing session. It’s difficult to have in-depth one-on-one conversations (an area in which introverts often excel) in loud and crowded environments. This isn’t a terrible thing as long as you treat parties as a form of social reconnaissance—many brief superficial meetings may lead to a few significant friendships / partnerships later. But that's the thing, every new thing you make will be (should be) the nicest thing you've made so far, because you’re learning and getting better with each and every new project. Some people are natural networkers and effortlessly pump acquaintances into their friend pool and some people collapse at the thought of approaching a stranger at an industry event. Jessica Hische’s zodiac sign is Aries. They are evil and cannot be helped. You need a good team dynamic, you need people that can keep their egos in check, and most importantly you need people that you generally want to be around if you're going to be spending 9 (16) hours a day with them. Without these more personal and intimate exchanges later, the connections you make won’t take hold. There are two things to do when you feel crushed by the weight of deadlines: The last form of burnout is solved by actually taking care of yourself. I’m dying to get new cards made but I will feel like such a tree-destroyer if I don’t get rid of these first—have one! He’s not passing off his Velasquez as a Velasquez, and he’s not passing it off as his own — in fact, he’s not passing it off at all. Sure. It took a few years but I finally started understanding and believing that “failure to scale” wasn’t a failure at all. I was suddenly surrounded by people with “real jobs” (full-time salaried positions), who didn’t have the flexibility I had (and who loved filling their weekends with fun non-work-related activities). One of the toughest things to deal with at a party is how to politely exit a conversation—whether it’s because you’re ready to or because you can sense that the person you’re talking to is ready to but is too polite to just walk away. If you’re an up-and-comer, your prices might be a bit lower but the percentage markup should remain about the same. We talk a lot about how craft helps elevate work for clients but not how it affects us personally. follows @me, but I do not follow him, @totalstranger There are four versions, a completely un-styled version, a fully styled version that uses the default typeface Georgia, a version using typefaces that people perceive as being accurate to the time but are a little off, and a version using historically accurate typefaces. We completely fucked ourselves over on those first few jobs but eventually cobbled together a relatively good standard contract and learned to say enough is enough after the 10th round of revisions. I used to print a lot when I lived in NYC and had a relationship with The Arm Letterpress in Williamsburg. It’s been my experience that these kinds of acts are met with great encouragement and support from the professional community. If I give myself one day to do the bulk of my emailing / interview answering / file organizing / scheduling etc, I feel WAY less guilty about ignoring all of that stuff for large periods of time during the rest of the work week. You can always consult The GAG’s Ethical Guide for Pricing, but definitely use it for ballparking more than definitive numbers. Please quote for creation of artwork for presentation only and for a few ballpark usages. If he or she goes in for a handshake, don’t try to force a hug on them. The first of these two made me question on a daily basis whether I should be doing this at all—not because I didn’t want to but because it’s really fucking hard to feel like you are doing anything right when you are trying to do everything. Disaster does strike. The account was actually London20l2 but no one could tell the difference. I love these guys. I’m a big fan of Dolly, which is a very friendly serif, and Liza if only for the opentype insanity they programmed into it. I would have been too intimidated by my classmates, the more well known professors, and the prestige of the school itself. Everybody loses. Because of this, Twitter has become a top choice for professionals that want a social / semi-work-related network through which they can share work news (and not feel smarmy) alongside personal news. This isn’t to say that the thought never crosses your mind that the person you’re talking to would possibly hire you in the future / would want to collaborate sometime / would pass your name along to so and so—but the thought of these possibilities takes second seat to the joy you get from just meeting and getting to know them. If your parents weren't completely annoyed with the both of you by then they'd hopefully explain that just because he wasn't officially breaking the rules it didn't make what he was doing OK. Then two things came into my life that felt like creative wake up calls: my daughter, and my Vandercook #4. J essica Hische is a lettering artist and author working in Oakland, California.