If the sub output is mono you can get a y rca splitter. In particular, the cable labeled "BASS" is very suceptible to picking up noise (it is the audio signal cable). I mainly want to play music bluetooth from my phone, or maybe hook it to my Smart TV. In some cases it happens even with no inputs attached. Good luck finding one that works right - Fair electronic's, sloppy assembly. Just got off the phone with Monoprice support. I can't say exactly how low it goes but 50 sounds about right. If your receiver has Sub/LFE out use a single RCA to a "Y" cable into the sub. Note: the 3 cables in my sub were tied together with a ty-rap. I am looking for a good subwoofer for HT and 2 channel use and came upon the Monoprice 12inch subwoofer based on its reviews and price. MonoPrice.com) specializes in the wholesale distribution of world class cable assemblies for home theater, PC, and high technology industries. How come Monoprice is recommended the Y splitter? Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater 4.4 out of 5 stars 519. Line out can be used with another sub correct? Thought speaker connection or dedicated sub out on amp to dedicated sub in on sub. The solo sub is a 12in. Yes , The 150 watt amplifier is built into the speaker unit itself !!! Monopriceprovides such packing; they are double-boxed with sturdy grade of cardboard,and both boxes have built-in handles There are large foam blocks capping thetop and bottom of the sub and edge-protecting foam pieces to safeguard the sideedges. This does have nice tight well rounded bass. No clue on who made it - probably some factory in China - but it is a Monoprice branded item, like most other items here on the Monoprice website. Yes you can I have Sony reciever also and that's how I connected it, yes - I have pioneer receiver and just connected using rca plugs. Monoprice Premium Select 8in 200-Watt Subwoofer. The unit is self powered so all you have to do is get the signal to the sub. You will only need to use one input, the red or white, no difference. Were it on its own, the impedance is so high that it draws next to no current so you could get away with something tiny but whatever gauge you planned to run your speakers should go through the subwoofer. 12" Driver; 150 Watt RMS Amp; Variable Low-Pass Filter Second, there is considerable humming without even being connected to a receiver. Only do this if you know what you're doing in a safe way. (For possible transportation, that means a 10" is probably the biggest thing I want to get into). Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass in C… for the price, i don't think you could beat it. It sounds pretty good. So, I moved it around until I found a spot with minimal noise, then I hot-glued the cable to keep it there. I would try connecting the port on your computer to the line in on the subwoofer, then connect the line out on the subwoofer to your two speakers. This isn't evidence that Acoustic Audio builds the subs for Monoprice. and 240 answers. It is a large 17 inch cube. So, I moved it around until I found a spot with minimal noise, then I hot-glued the cable to keep it there. Without sounding flippant, whatever gauge supports the speakers attached to it. I have compared to single input vs Y, and with the Y it's just a little bit louder . Worked very well. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. This is a 120v power block and it is not wired to function at 220 or 240 v. If that is all you have for power you will need a transformer to step down the power. I would also recommend that if your surround receiver has DSP processing and filtering that delivers audio to its Subwoofer output then use that higher quality design and set the Crossover control of this subwoofer to the highest frequency. Just use standard line level RCA to hook it up. Standard single rca cable is what I used. This will minimize phase shift in the subwoofer band. The single sub itself sounds good. Read more. For $100 there is not a better sub woofer. Unpacked and installed with my pioneer 5.2 receiver. So, if that is what you can get from you Klipsch system, the answer is yes. Monoprice Premium 5.1-Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer, Monoprice Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System with 12in Subwoofer (9723). My sub used to have a hum so loud it could be clearly heard from 20'+ away. The logo is a small piece of embossed painted plastic that appears glued onto the acoustic grill cloth. This sub has stereo RCA input, so you will have to buy an RCA 2 male to 1 female cable. My sub used to have a hum so loud it could be clearly heard from 20'+ away. There are no speaker level outputs. I have mine connected to an amp/receiver which has an unpowered jack, since the sub has it's own power. See all reviews. Getting wires is easy, just get plenty, don't short yourself. But they are standard connectors. Please contact customer service or our tech support team. Note: this fix involves opening the subwoofer amplifier, which could void the warranty, and exposes the user to live 120V electrical circuits. Coax is for digital signals. I tried to connect this to my YAS 107 and its not producing any sound, does this subwoofer have a built in AMP? logitec or other 2.0 powered computer speakers. does not use coax cable, use RCA plug with y adaptor. It depends on the kid of output you can deliver to the input on the subs amplifier. The 5.1 package comes with a 10in sub. You can easily daizychain them together if the second sub has an rca in, also if you are using a stereo system it has passthrough for the left and right channels out your amplifier. One of the other cables, labeled "V+ V- GND" (which supplies power to one of the circuit boards), also required re-positioning to minimize noise. Monoprice, Inc. (DBA. There are various sources of hum in a subwoofer, like ground loops and poor connections. Need to have a cable with one rca on one side and two (subwoofer side) rcas on the other side. How does this sub woofer do on music with a hard wood floor ? If your Guaranteed Delivery item isn’t on time, you can (1) return the item, for a refund of the full price and return shipping costs; or (2) keep the item and get a refund of your shipping costs (if shipping was free, get a … I have two subs on both side of tv with in ceiling speakers. I do not have the Premium 5.1 channel sub but i do have the 150 watt Powered sub. If find an adapter that can allow you to use a standard subwoofer connection/RCA plug, you can make it work. This will accept RCA inputs from your receiver. Monoprice PID# 9723. I can't seem to respond directly to the question, so I'll respond here. Monoprice's last home theater speaker system was literally too good to be true: a near clone of the outstanding Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers ($350 street) for a fraction of the cost. What gauge wiring should be used for the Hi Level inputs? Or is an adapter of some kind needed so both L and R inputs are filled in? After getting the subwoofer hooked up and the receiver and sub adjusted together its sounding very good, it is a bargain for the price. Only do this if you know what you're doing in a safe way. What I did was open the amplifier and re-position some of the cables. It's powered, so it doesn't require an amp. Plugging it in to different outlets didn't fix it, nor did adjusting the volume. Only the power cable is supplied. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Dark Matter by Monoprice 34in Curved Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor - 1500R, 21:9, 3440x1440p, UWQHD, 144Hz, DisplayHDR 400, AMD FreeSync, Height Adjustable Stand, Quantum Dot, VA Sale £324.00 £405.00 If it’s connected to some bookshelves, 14 is plenty and probably overkill. This 12" sub is capable of producing 150 watts RMS (200 watts peak) output. I have the Sony STR-DH750 receiver and works great! Doug. is that the back of the sub? It is rather handily outperformed by the $99 Monoprice 9723 and 2 of them would blow it out of the water for the same price. On my receiver there is a single plug/port dedicated to the subwoofer and on the subwoofer there are two plugs/ports. We created a new SKU that includes the 12" instead of the 8". Monoprice shipped out a replacement and no issue on the replacement. For inputs I see high level speaker, will this speaker accept cooper speaker wire as a connection? Wow what a difference ! I was helping someone I know find a sub. Note that when I moved/re-positioned the cables, I didn't unplug them: I only had to push them around a little bit to change the level of noise/hum significantly. Note that when I moved/re-positioned the cables, I didn't unplug them: I only had to push them around a little bit to change the level of noise/hum significantly. Hello Monoprice Team and Customers, is it possible to use the Monoprice #9723 with 220/240V ? the front and back are squared and the left and right sides are curved slightly. Somehow, this sub seems way bigger than most soundbars--I would look for something smaller. There is a third cable connected between the two circuit boards in this amp, but I found that its physical position did not affect noise at all. Are these speakers powered and if so what kind of input do they have? I had the monoprice 8" powered subwoofer, not sure if that is the inner you have, but upgrading to this 12" was a huge improvement. Monoprice® Canada is one of the leading online stores that offer high quality and affordable cable accessories to both professionals and regular consumers for any cable & wiring needs. It does the rest. Very nice unit. It has a crossover knob that lets you adjust which frequencies are coming out of it. It has rca Jack's for the left and right channels. On a receiver with a separate subwoofer port, a single RCA cord or subwoofer cord runs from the receiver's separate subwoofer port to the subwoofer's white input port. There are only line level inputs with standard RCA connectors, or high level from the speaker level out puts of your amplifier. It’s a (self-)powered sub. If not use speaker cable. Do not use the y-cable adapter because it will put your sub out of phase and not sound properly. That is how I hooked mine up. There really isn't enough information here to allow a qualified answer. Yes it has a passthrough for stereo signal using rca left and right channel. For anyone interested in the answer: "If you are using an amplifier with a single mono subwoofer line level output, simply use an RCA "Y" cable to split the output and send it to the two line level inputs on the subwoofer. I opened up into the power system on the one I bought. My audio receiver only has a single monaural audio output. I needed to increase the decibel output on my receiver to the subwoofer to enjoy its full potential. i do not think so. And can't beat it for the price. The sub is definitely rolling off below 50hz but 50hz is LOW for a most purposes. I have purchased over 20 of the 12" powered subs and have not yet been asked to remove the logo plate. No wires. I got this sub because I can run my monitors off the line out. Your home theater will resonate with clearly defined and impactful dialog, music, and special effects. I do plug & play RCA, I don't know exactly why you would want to filter your mains, but, I don't, I bought this on black Fri, I've owned several powered subs all 12 long throw, all I paid a little over $100 landed, people like them better than me (stolen), just replaced JBL, which was good, I had f12 Bic was damn good, the best was 200 series jamo, this one is ok but I like auto on, this doesn't, not enough punch for me , I'm going to 15" cerwin vega, This is a powered sub. I think the same would be true for a sound bar, if it has an unpowered jack for a sub. Unfortunately, I can't give you a "for sure" answer. Thanks! You can view it in one of the available product pictures. It has a frequency response range of 50 to 250 Hz with a low-pass crossover … I plugged in via red and white dual RCA but it looks like the high level inputs are standard speaker wire gauge. Home Theater Speaker System with 12in Subwoofer (9723) Enjoy a simple and elegant 5.1-channel home theater system at a price that will leave you wondering why you would spend amount on a night at the movies. I do not mind it and will not try. This subwoofer has separate line in L and R inputs. There are 3 small cables that run between the two circuits boards in this amplifier, and their physical placement affects how much RF interference they pick up, and thus how much hum/noise can be heard from the sub when it's turned on. The thicker the cable is the better, but I would not go below 12. This is an active sub with adjustable gain. I bought a pair of Kef Q150 and a Monoprice 9723 which is a 12" 150W powered sub. Yes, you can wire straight from your amplifier output and pass the signal thru to your standard passive full-range speakers. Yes, the hum has been dealt with and resolved. It delivers surprisingly good sound quality and lots of deep bass output for the price, although we do … Monoprice has the basses covered with this 12 inch, 150 watt (RMS) Powered Subwoofer model! Will this work well with my receiver? I have mine hooked to the RCA outputs if my TV so I would think any output from your receiver would work. Thank you, I now have the vote of pure confidence knowing my brand is close to the MTX line of BASS! Unfortunately, the subwoofer is not designed to connect to a computer. If the hum persists, consider that 30-cycle hums are usually the fault of a defective amplifier. This reply might be a bit late for you, but in case anyone else has this issue, here's what I did. Only RCA or Speaker level inputs. Model#: Cab-9723 (5 Customer Reviews) $251.25 $ 251.25 Item Coming Soon New Earn 5025 S-Points Rewards What are Bonus points and how do I earn them? It is a powered woofer and all you need to do is connect the computer speaker output, using a plug into PC and wires to the subwoofer terminals. Monoprice, Inc. (DBA. Hope this helps.p. I have it in a large space and the bass is pretty even throughout the room. I just used RG-174 small coax with an RCA plug. MonoPrice.com offers a wide range of products from standard PC products, network cables, and HDMI cables to custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Look at the owners manual that shows you how you can connect into it. Even at low levels I can hear the humming. Purchased two subs. Monoprice sells analog conversion cables, 3.5 mm to rca to a y splitter twice I suppose. The back of the Monoprice looks identical to the Acoustic Audio HD-SUB 12. I would like to know. Yes if your sound bar has rca output jack. 3D Printer Replacement Parts & Accessories, www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021803&p_id=659&seq=1&format=2, www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021803&p_id=663&seq=1&format=2. So, I moved it around until I found a spot with minimal noise (I had to do this with the sub powered, so I could hear the hum change), then I hot-glued the cable to keep it there. It sounds much better than the Harmon-Kardon 10" sub I am replacing. Member. I.E. As most of the subwoofers on this list, the Monoprice 12in features an auto on/off capability. The new rubber feet will not scratch the hardwood floor. Reviewed in Canada on July 1, 2020. When you want your bass down low, you need a subwoofer as part of your home audio/theater system. I have not used this as an input but it is available. Nice to replace the old rattly sub, this is much nicer and more natural. There is a sub out for powered sub.