Onion prices continued to rise in many cities across the country, with residents in cities like Madurai and Bengaluru paying a whopping Rs 200 per kg. Wholesale onion prices today increased to Rs 60 per kg at Azadpur market in the national capital despite improved supplies on account of imports from neighbouring countries. Get updated on daily market prices of Onion in 220 + countries. List of Onion mandi rates in Maharashtra,Onion mandi live prices, Onion local market wise commodity price listing Live spot prices : Mustard Oil (Arrivals: 1.2 Tonnes Price: 11200.00) Buy Fresho Onion 1 Kg Online At Best Price Vegetables are a part of our daily meals no matter what cuisine. Increase your market intelligence and insight by analyzing past and current market prices of Onion. India Today spoke to onion retailers and merchants called commission agents about the rise in onion prices and the reasons for the same. Yesterday +0.2%. Last week-0.4%. It is the Onion. Pinching consumers' pockets hard, retail onion prices have surpassed the Rs 100 per kg mark in most cities across the country. Last updated on Dec 15; USD per kg. Last year +1479.5%. Global Average Price $ 9.36. Last month-5.2%. Rakesh Bhalerao, a commission agent with an experience of 25 years in the business, explained that prices are likely to rise in … However, there is one staple vegetable that almost always forms the base of any Indian dish. Check Market Rate (Mandi bhav-मंडी भाव) Online at MandiGuru Onion price rises to Rs 54/kg at Lasalgaon due to tight supply Check ONION price Get Maharashtra ONION Mandi Bhav (मंडी भाव). Now you can check all details about any market of Maharashtra. PacificSafewayModesto, CABulk- red onions, $1.99 lb. yellow onions, $1.49… Onions are used in several dishes in many cuisines and … white onions, $1.99 lb.