Colour options and hardware have been selected to make a classic looking instrument that incorporates a few modern tweaks. I've gotten myself involved in a project recently where I need an old school (semi) hollow body with a bigsby. He went through about 4 prototypes to get it right. SATIN DEEP SEA BLUE REVEREND PETE ANDERSON EASTSIDER T GUITAR with CHAMBERED KORINA BODY and Roasted Maple Neck. Guitar Center's annual King of the Blues contest is back this summer with even more backing tracks from producer Pete Anderson.. It you are a fan of the Telecaster shape but looking for something a little different then the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T with Roasted Maple neck could be for you. Since 1984. 2010 - present Pete Anderson was born in Detroit, and grew up to become the creative partner of one of the most significant country artists of the 1980s, Dwight Yoakam.An only child, Anderson's earliest musical memories revolve around the country & western music his father listened to and seeing Elvis on television. As your hand slides to the upper frets, playing feel and depth remain relatively the same--but V’ed. His years producing records and delivering sizzling licks for Dwight Yoakam, his pioneering work in roots-rock and Americana, his label ownership, and several high-profile gigs as bandleader on television attest to his drive and breadth of vision. We worked together to modernize it while keeping faithful to the original character. The In Crowd 5. We're a small American company dedicated to creating the world's finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitars, period! Reverend Guitars Reverend guitars are known for their quirky designs and incredible design and build-quality. Anderson wrung his share of notes from this ’59 Fender Stratocaster on the Yoakam hits “Fast As You” and “Long White Cadillac.” Pete made heavy use of this ’59 Fender Tele Custom while backing Yoakam. Download for free. In 2017, country music fans were thrilled when singer-songwriter Tracy Dawn Thompson announced a collaboration with Grammy-winning producer and former Dwight Yoakam guitarist Pete Anderson… Guitar Center has made available MP3 files of all of the backing tracks. Interview: Guitarist Pete Anderson Discusses His Next Album and Life as a Solo Artist. Pete’s Gear Guitars: Reverend PA1 Pete Anderson Signature. Pete Anderson Eastsider T. This plank may look standard at first glance, but it’s factory hot-rodded and stage ready right out of the box. Lot's of double stop bends! Download it for free. 60's With A Twist by Pete Anderson, released 18 January 2019 Pete Anderson returns with his unique take on classic tracks from the 60's. Pete Anderson is interviewed in that mag, and when asked about amps, he says "I use two Fender Deluxes. But, above all … -.020 60's Vibe: (affectionately known as 62 Pete) :.815-inch at the first fret to .940 at the 12th fret. I’ve always been a big fan of players that like to play outside once in a while and Pete is definitely one of those players. I’ve been going down the Pete Anderson rabbit hole quite a bit lately. SATIN FOAM SHRIMP PINK REVEREND PETE ANDERSON EASTSIDER T GUITAR WITH CHAMBERED KORINA BODY AND DARK ROASTED MAPLE NECK. Pete Anderson Great, funky, twang from Dwight Yoakam's guitar player. By Alison Richter Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, guitarist Pete Anderson began his foray into the music world at age 8 with a lap steel guitar, but his epiphany took place as a teenager. They're pre-CBS black ones with an Electro-voice in one and an Altec in the other... On the Deluxes the volumes will be between 3 and 4, treble on 5, bass off- with two amps, off or on 1 1/2 or 2, depending on if the stage is a bass trap or not. Anderson created all of the backing tracks that the contestants used in competition, acted as a judge and bandleader at the finale which featured B.B. Reverend teamed up with country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson to design a hollow body guitar. Pete played with and produced Dwight Yoakam from 1984-2002, on loads of platinum records & sold-out tours. Canadian Sunset 3. Free guitar backing tracks for Pete Anderson in MP3 format. These guitars have made some serious waves in the guitar industry thanks to their value for money and overall top-class guitar designs. There are 30 tracks of various blues styles --Chicago blues, Texas blues, Slow Blues, Swing, Shuffle, T-Bone Walker style, you name it. Pete Anderson Interview – Dwight Yoakam – Everyone Loves Guitar Posted on February 22, 2019 by Craig Garber . In contrast to the "S" model, the "T" model follows the Telecaster template more faithfully, with two pickups and no vibrato bar. Years of Production: ca. Pete Anderson hasn't worked with Dwight Yoakam since 2002, but his association with Yoakam was so successful and visible he may never shake free … Reverend Guitars now has 4 Pete Anderson signature guitar … Shop for the Reverend Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT Electric Guitar and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. In Yoakam, Anderson heard the direction Nashville needed to take, and insisted that the singer immediately commit a handful of his originals to tape. The Reverend PA1 was designed by Pete and Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars. If you like "V necks" you will love these. Pete Anderson was looking for a baritone with a retro feel that delivers the deepest possible twang tone with upgraded features and a tremolo that works great. The Reverend Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RB guitar is available now - in Satin Emerald Green and Satin Mulberry Mist finishes - … Country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson is well known for his vintage T guitar. Dwight Yoakam Guitar Lesson Every cover band should be playing this song. 500 S Arthur Ave, Suite 700, Louisville, CO 80027 Day Tripper 2. Free guitar backing track for Jazz Swing Blues by Pete Anderson in MP3 format. We created the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider Baritone – a chambered Korina body with a 28 5/8” scale full-length baritone neck. If you are a fan of the Telecaster shape but looking for something a little different, then the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T with Dark Roast neck is the guitar for you! After countless hours researching, the reviews seem pretty good with the Reverend Pete Anderson. For consistent performance, the Sensei RA FM is equipped with pin-lock tuners, which secure your strings in place for precise, stable tuning and speedy string changes. Pete wanted a classic hollow sound and look, but with the ability to play at higher volumes without uncontrollable feedback. King one year and The Black Crowes the next, and a Pete Anderson produced EP was a prize for the winner. 50’s V: is characterized by its 50's-style "V" back shape. Pete Anderson, Rick Vito, & more View the large selection of Reverend electric guitars currently available at Wildwood Guitars' online store. Pete Anderson is a guitar giant in country music and beyond. Make/Model: Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1Serial Number: 13760 Scale Length: 24.75" Nut Width: Just shy of 1-11/16" (42mm) Weight: 7.8 lbs Finish Color: Satin Black Pickup/Control Layout: 2 x P90 pickups, vol & tone & bass contour knobs … Buy online, financing available. Track Listing: 1. Ode To Billie Joe 6. Browse our collection of Reverend boutique electric guitars: Billy Corgan, Pete Anderson, Bayonet. Of course, like all of its Reverend brethren, the guitar also includes a Boneite nut and locking tuners, Reverend’s Bass Contour Control and a dual-action truss rod. Seems like most of the talk about these … Our Day Will Come The Pete Anderson PA-1 HB is a twin humbucker guitar with styling firmly in Fifties-era America. Enter guitarist/producer Pete Anderson, who, like Yoakam, had been weaned on a steady diet of country and rock & roll. We worked together to modernize it while keeping faithful to the original character. If you need a really special axe, you'll want to take a look at a signature model like the Reverend Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT Electric Guitar. Such an unorthodox picker at times, but still has that classic country sound when he wants to. Walk On By 4. The HempDog 12 borrows the warmth from the Cannabis Rex, and the neutral, clear tone from the Legend EM12. For pickups he’s using a set of custom wound P90’s from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. Pete Anderson is a great many things: a Grammy winner, a session player, a musical director to Dwight Yoakam, a producer, a songwriter, and an arranger. Birds Above Guitarland he adds, is the type of music that … The Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T is for players who want classic Tele looks and tone. 12" Pete Anderson Guitar Speaker, 150 Watts at 8 Ohms Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer/guitarist Pete Anderson wanted to combine the tonal characteristics from two of his favorite Eminence speakers into a single 12 inch model. Pete Anderson played .5 solos on this one, and they are all a blast to play. Country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson is well known for his vintage T guitar.