Peter Lik is world famous for his landscape Photography. Peter Lik’s main styles in taking photographs is either horizontal or vertical panoramic views. / 1980 Peter has been shooting expansive scenes of Mother Nature his whole life. The shot was of a spider web in the garden of the family home. Peter Lik is in awe of himself. A significant moment in Lik’s life was when the panoramic camera was introduced to him. As a result Lik has enjoyed a great deal of success. He and Art Wolfe are both renowned nature photographers. [10], In 1997, Lik opened his first gallery, in Cairns, Australia. When he describes his career as a fine-art photographer, he speaks with the satisfaction of a guy who has performed miracles, at the pace of a … 2 offers from $864.56. Hardcover. View additional info. Biography Peter Likis a contemporary Australian landscape photographer. Lorna Gentry, “Peter Lik: An ordinary bloke with a big camera”, British Institute of Professional Photography, “The 15 Most Expensive Pictures Ever Taken”, “2010 Winners Windland Smith Rice International Awards”, “2011 Winners Windland Smith Rice International Awards”, "Peter Lik: Who is the record-breaking photographer behind the $7.8m Phantom? In 2006, Peter Likins, former president of the University of Arizona, received the Presidential Award from the NAACP, August 30, 2010. Peter Lik was born on the 26th of December, 1959. The highlights of this trip are mentioned in Spirit of America, his book. He was born after World War II, in 1959 in Melbourne, Australia. He opened his first US gallery in Lahaina, Hawaii, in 2003, and his first in Las Vegas in Caesars Palace in 2005. Bonsai Rock Milky Way 1 offer from $1,595.00. [6][7][8] Lik's claim has been greeted with much scepticism. With such success of course comes a deluge of negative publicity, neigh sayers and general disdain towards the guy. For a fast response please make a Purchase Request for any prints you're interested in. Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Photography For Sale. There’s no doubt about it, Peter lik has managed to become the most commercially successful landscape photographer of all time. Peter Lik is an award-winning Australian photographer who focuses on large, panoramic fine art photographs of natural landscapes. 19 offers from $6.98. Lik spent the early 1990s working for the tourism department of Queensland, Australia, traveling through the Outback and photographing little-seen areas. Customers who bought this item also bought. What You Need to Know About Peter Lik Art Photographs. Lik has stated that only one print of the photo will ever be printed. Peter Lik was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1959 to Czech immigrant parents. Some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes, in places like Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, California, New York, Utah and several more are shot by an Australian landscape photographer – Peter Lik. His parents were Czech immigrants. Craig Bennett: Jen's crush and one of the best athletes of East Gackle. Lik is best known for his panoramic photos, and the large size and overall quality of his prints. The company has produced coffee table books, postcards and calendars of his work. A photo by him, titled One, was sold for one million dollar and from then he was considered an exceptional photographer with no boundaries of imagination and achievement. On his eighth birthday he was gifted a Kodak Brownie box camera and he used it to take the first photo of his life. He prints most of his photos on FujiFlex silver-halide paper, which increases the light sensitivity and glow, and helps accentuate the vibrant colors in the print. Peter Lik was born in Melbourne in 1959, after his parents immigrated from the Czech Republic following World War II. They are usually referred to as Lik and Leech. [5], In December 2014, Lik claimed to have sold a photograph titled "Phantom" to an anonymous bidder for $6.5 million, making it potentially the highest price paid for a photograph. In the documentary, Peter Lik narrates his life story, starting with the importance of his family heritage. [1] In his youth, Lik would bring his camera on family vacations and take photos of country scenes and the ocean. See more ideas about peter lik, peter lik photography, photography. Famous people like celebrities and presidents are counted in his list as the collectors of his work. Peter Lik (born 1959) is a photographer from Australia, best known for his nature and panoramic landscape images.