First of all, some advice… Read up on the Crossing … You need about 2-3 litres of water for each person. The early stages offered incredible views; from the hills filled with flora, to the huge majestic valleys and icy cold streams that flowed through the volcanic rocks. Know the avalanche forecast. One-by-one, then cluster-by-cluster, the watery corridor was illuminated by tiny blue lights. Fully rested after a relaxing time in Taupo, our next challenge was the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The elevation of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Whakapapa i-SITE +64 7 892 3075, State Highway 48, Whakapapa Village, TÅ«rangi  i-SITE 0800 288 726, Ngawaka Place, TÅ«rangi, Ohakune i-SITE 0800 647 483, 54 Clyde Street, Ohakune, Taumarunui i-Site 07 895 7494, Railway Station, Taumarunui, Taupō i-SITE 0800 525 382, 30 Tongariro Street, Taupō, check volcanic activity information on the, wind speed of 50 km per hour or greater, and precipitation of 10 mm or more, wind chill of minus 10 degrees Celsius or colder, wind chill of 0 degrees Celsius or colder with any amount of precipitation, signage is placed at Mangatepōpō and Ketetahi Road ends, an electronic message sign is used at the bottom of Mangatepōpō Road near the highway, an alert is automatically be placed on the. Another group of people split off at this point, presumably to continue the full Circuit. Part of the shuttle fee of about $40 helps DOC with conservation projects. Ngauruhoe, is Mount Doom. It was placed by Ngāti Hikairo ki Tongariro after German walker Gerd Wilde died near the first summit of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on January 10. It pays to keep a close eye on the weather if you’ve got your sights set on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Kaumātua Te Ngaehe Wanikau asks visitors to the area to respect the sanctity of the maunga tapu (sacred mountains) by not touching or entering any of the waterways including the alpine lakes. Standing in the dark, near tears, I steadied myself against the glass wall and leaned into the water. It is approximately 19.4 km and can be completed within one day. We were lucky enough to have no rain, but even on a day with the best weather (as we had) there is no shade, a lot of wind, and snow covering parts of the trail. From June to October, snow and ice means alpine skills and experience are essential - it's best to go with guide or choose another track. BY JAMIE One of the most famous features of New Zealand is the Tongariro pass including its magnificent view of Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings and the famous Emerald Lakes. It is tiring, exhilarating, overwhelming and just plain awesome. The views of the craters, of Mt. ... We have tips for all stages of trip planning, from how to prevent jet lag before flying to how to find the best spots when you arrive at your destination. Still at least 2 hours to go. Product #: gm522080287 $ 12.00 iStock In stock Ngatoroirangi, the founding ancestor of Ngāti Tuwharetoa, the local iwi (Māori tribe), ascended the great mountains of the Central Plateau 30 generations ago. The Tongariro Crossing starts at the Mangatepopo Car Park, which is at the southern end of the trail – you can, of course, make the hike in either direction – at an elevation of 1,120 meters. Although the hike can be completed in both directions, the best way is to begin your journey from the Mangatepopo carpark at 1100m above sea level heading through the Mangetepopo Valley, wandering past views of Mount Ngauruhoe, up and over the crossing and past the Ketetahi Springs to finish at the Ketetahi carpark at 750m above sea level. The 20km hike is famous for it’s stunning and varied natural scenery, and its significant Lord of the Rings landmarks. 25 kilometres long. The Park is home to three active volcanos including mount Ruapehu, the summit of which is the highest… Avalanches are a hazard. If you are planning on completing any of the summit tracks, ensure you have additional water supplies. Tongariro and Mt. Tongariro Track Transport Shuttle is $40 per person return from National Park $40.00 return for the Northern Circuit per person $40.00 return for Tongariro Crossing per person Departure Time Please contact Gillian on (+64) 021351103 or email adventurelodge @ for departure times. It can save you money while opening up some very unique opportunities. Always take a head torch. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing generally takes between 7 - 8 hours. A walk that passes over active volcanoes. 2. I did question my sanity at times. New Zealand-based property group Tauranga Crossing Ltd is developing the facility with the aim of providing a unique shopping experience for the growing Tauranga community. The 12.1 mile (19.4km) hike turned out to be quite the test of endurance, but the hike turns into a story of triumph once you're standing at 6,000+ ft with 360 degree views of Northern New Zealand. Still a really nice walk. First time on the forum and first time Camino for me and friend in September starting in Leon. Shuttles depart from 6 stops in National Park Village, including the new transport hub at the railway station. On a hot, sunny day in February, I went to find out for myself. Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Booking online means we have contact tracing, contactless operations in the morning and it … The Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Northern Circuit was re-opened in stages as monitoring by GNS and others, and risk assessments showed that risks to people decreased. I’ve tried to describe the stages of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but before you read on here are a couple of maps to give the walk perspective. Have a memorable and safe experience with the following approved Tongariro Alpine Crossing guiding companies: Mangatepopo Valley in winterImage: Zhi Yuen Yap, South Crater in winterImage: Zhi Yuen Yap. Tagged: volcano, Tongariro, mountains, hiking, Great Walk, North Island, New Zealand, How to Save Money & Have Great Experiences with Airbnb, Mobile Blogging with Squarespace and Sony's RX100-M3, A Beginner's Guide to Hiking the Tongariro Crossing, Tongariro's most recent volcanic eruption in 2012, How to Enjoy Rotorua (a.k.a. Steep descent from Red Crater to Emerald Lakes on loose rock, Department of Conservation | Te Papa Atawhai, ", I gently woke Emily and mumbled the dreaded words: "I need to go to the hospital.". We offer 5 departures daily to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. For real, I'm right there, right now, writing this. It is the stage where my body isn’t in the climbing groove yet and every step is hard. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is located in the Tongariro National Park - New Zealand's … This feels more like -2°C (28°F) with moderate winds of 20 km/h (11 knots). Few winter peaks are as accessible as Mt Tongariro. From the beginning of Labour weekend in October to 30 April , parking restrictions will be in place at road-ends. Doom in The Lord of the Rings. 38% of tramping injuries are from slipping. You still have about 3 hours of (mostly downhill) hiking left. Located in Tongariro National Park in the Central North Island region, Tongariro Alpine Crossing: summer brochure (PDF, 1,913K), Tongariro Alpine Crossing: winter brochure (PDF, 1,969K). Before you start to climb "Devil's Staircase" there is a warning sign: STOP! With crampons and ice axe (or snowshoes and walking poles) begin from the Mangatepopo Road end and take the easy Tongariro Alpine Crossing track to South Crater. The first two hours of the walk are the easiest part. Labour weekend in October to 30 April parking restrictions (4 hr maximum) are in place at the road-ends – we suggest you book a shuttle. So, The Main Event, The Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand. You must also book a shuttle to the beginning of the track - you leave your car at the end so it is there when you finish. The start of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing begins at the Mangatepopo car park, where groups are dropped off. 3. … Ngāti Hikairo ki Tongariro places extreme importance on their guardian role in protecting Tongariro and his peaks. said the lead guide, sending our hearts and minds racing. The step incline down is covered in what felt like fine sand. This is an Active Volcanic Hazard Zone - eruptions are possible without warning. "Is it too late to back out?" Tongariro Crossing is in the heart of the Tongariro National Park and is a UNESCO dual World Heritage Area and was the first in the world to receive cultural World Heritage Status. Terry Blumhardt, is the Owner and Head Guide. The Tongariro Crossing is basically broken up into 8 different stages. Track surface: Track is covered in snow and very icy in sections. As always, an early start is best for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on New Zealand’s North Island. A 1 km hazard zone and Ngati Tuwharetoa Rāhui from the crater is still in place and volcanic hazard flyers were distributed at all entrances to the track. Here’s a website with info and a Map. You have a great view of Mt. The walk starts at the Mangatepopo car park and finished at the Ketatahi car park. Perhaps I don't have to call myself a "beginner hiker" anymore! During the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, it didn’t start until 4 km in when we started to climb the Devil’s Staircase. Nov 3, 2019 - The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is regularly called the best one day hike in New Zealand. "Ok everyone, off the platform!" The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is heralded as the best one-day trek in New Zealand and is regarded as among the top ten single-day treks in the world. The Tongariro Crossing February 22, 2017 February 22, 2017 by Kevin Blyth , posted in Travel and tourism While there are definitely issues living on an island that’s earned its place on the planet as a direct result of tectonic activity, there are also advantages for those very same reasons. Hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. There are no bathrooms for about the next 4 hours from here and you hike over 1000 vertical feet to the South Crater. The walk is also known as New Zealand’s most beautiful day walk! we both thought in unison as we smiled nervously at each other. Expect ice on the track between April and October. We heard it was quite dangerous for beginners as there are no maintained tracks and in Spring it is still very much covered in snow and ice. And an added bonus - the perfectly shaped Mt. What was an impulse buy at REI has saved my ears on numerous hikes so far this trip! In this new world with Covid 19 considerations, Ketetahi Park N Ride is the preferred service. The views were indescribable.Further ahead, the terrain became more difficult. The walk starts at the Mangatepopo car park and finished at the Ketatahi car park. Sign used if a bad weatheradvisory is issued. You must: Allow 9 hours to complete the walk. He works with his carefully chosen team, to provide exceptional guided hiking tours, including the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing in both Summer and Winter. All waterways including the lakes on Tongariro and his peaks Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu are sacred to local iwi, Ngāti Hikairo ki Tongariro. Ngauruhoe serves as the model for Mt. Know your limits. … And I was absolutely certain it was going to be my worst. 1 bike, 1 month, 2 islands, 21 stages, 1566 km, 19582 m uphill. And time for a snack. T-minus five hours to Myanmar. The track continues to descend through golden tussock-covered slopes to the forest section. Hobbiton was an amazing experience and a must-do, even if you're not a LOTR fan... but you are, right? Optional: hiking poles - About 50% of the people on the track had them. A very comfortable walk indeed! a water/windproof jacket and pants, hat and gloves, sunscreen and wear warm, layered clothing, sturdy footwear such as tramping/hiking boots. ** Please remember this is a hike in an alpine environment in which we recommend you using a guide. Te Maari, Red Crater and Ngāuruhoe vents have all been active within the last 100 years – the most recent eruption occurred from Te Maari in 2012. Signposts indicate distances and times and help to track your progress. Getting down to them is the tricky part. I sure was happy to be done, but happy to have experienced it. Just stay as far from other people and the edge as you can! Here you will find toilet amenities if you need them. It was then that he named Tongariro and the many features of the surrounding landscape, declaring this area as home for his descendants. I found it a bit difficult to find information on how difficult the stages of the hike actually are (Kiwis are naturally over the top cautious and write very intense warnings everywhere.