If you are looking for manageable, high-yield livestock to raise on limited acreage, you should seriously consider St. Croix hair sheep. Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association 1795 Sugar Valley Rd Albright, WV 26519 Phone: 304-379-9100 Fax: Email: grazingherd@frontiernet.net Website: www.leicesterlongwool.org. Breeders Breeders are listed by state, but only if they request to be listed. At Natural Born Guardians, we are converting our livestock over to Hair Sheep. The Livestock Conservancy, Box 477, Pittsboro, North Carolina U.S.A. 27312 Phone: (919) 542-5704. High Lamb Survivability – Because of the structure of the relatively acute angle of the St. Croix ewe pelvis and croup, it is believed to facilitate the ease of lambing common in the breed. My daughters will not allow me to cull them out of the flock, because they are cute :). You can also take a look at our Newsletter archive page.. We can be contacted using the form below or: Email: secretary@stcroixsheep.org Public group. Debbie Vanderwende Secretary National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Assn 14391 Blanchard Rd Greenwood, DE 19950 Phone: 302-349-4240 Fax: Email: fleece@ce.net Website: … Qualities that attracted us to the St Croix is their legendary resistance to parasites, browsing abilities, high reproduction rate and ruggedness. St. Croix Sheep St. Croix are a North American heritage breed of hair sheep. Go to St. Croix Sheep Breeders Association => Go to St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders of North America => Steinschaf (Pecora della Roccia or del Sasso, Tiroler Steinschaf) The Steinschaf is a direct descendent of the now extinct Zaupelschaf. … They are 3 years old. To define the distinguishing characteristics of the breed. Phone: (Home) 336-699-2677, (cell) 336-813-1421 Email: glasscoecg@aol.com St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders UPGRADE YOUR FLOCKS PARASITE AND SCRAPIE RESISTANCE We have only 3 RR, registered St.Croix Ram lambs. We are only selling to diversify genetics. Looking for high quality St. Croix hair sheep? During the winter in colder climates they produce a heavy winter coat of mixed hair and downy undercoat, which is shed in the spring. The St Croix are mainly a meat sheep, and are well adapted to the East Texas heat and humidity. After logging in, click the Shopping Cart navigation tab. On the Island of St. Croix, they come in shades of brown, white and black. St. Croix Sheep For Sale. St. Croix Hair sheep are prolific and breed throughout the year and thus are of interest to the commercial sheep industry. The St. Croix sheep are introduced to our Turkish Boz Shepherds for the first time. To use the new forms you must log in to the Member’s Area of the website. Mature rams have a lion-like mane. The St Croix are mainly a meat sheep, and are well adapted to the East Texas heat and humidity. Who knows, an Australian coloured breed may be created from careful selection. Remarkable parasite resistance and excellent lamb production have been supported by university research. Check back with me later in the year for any avaliable St Croix Hair Sheep and view the following resources for additional information. You can add new owner information to a sheep registration in your cart (if you want to transfer the newly registered sheep to a new owner at the time of registration) by clicking the Edit link next to Registrations in your cart, then use the Transfer link at the right of the line for that registration in the Sheep Registrations list. We THANK YOU for your patience and request that you save the date and watch for information on our conference call annual meeting on October 17th at 1pm EST. This breed is sometimes referred to as Virgin Island Whites because when imported to North America, they were selected for white coloring only. In order to register or transfer St. Croix sheep you will need to fill out the work order form and registration form (s) and mail along with a check for amount due. For more information: St. Croix Sheep Breeders International Association. We have a two mature proven St. Croix cross breeding rams for sale or trade. Normally, this would create the environment to where the puppies would entice each other into a play behavior with the livestock. The two main reasons were the lack of a moderately priced hotel with available eateries and more importantly, Virginia State will not grant us access to the research station at this time. Within a few hours, they were all one well-adjusted family. The purpose of this group: To serve members and friends of the SCHSB association. They are often also called Virgin Island White because those that were imported into North America were selected for white coloration. To become a member of the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association, ... To search for St. Croix breeders in your area or browse the list of breeders, use one of the following links: SCHSIA Members List (sorted by Member Name) SCHSIA Members List (sorted by State) Follow Us. We have never wormed our St. Croix sired sheep since we started with them 16 years ago. St. Croix Hair sheep are prolific and breed throughout the year and thus are of interest to the commercial sheep industry. It is native to the U.S Virgin Islands and named for the island of Saint Croix. Login to your account and click on 'Place Ad'. Some breeders cross with heavier hair sheep breeds to speed this process up, but like my Mother always said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". PO Box 231 St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc. 335 likes. Once all parasite resistant ewes and rams were identified, we moved forward building our flock. Their ancestors were West African hair sheep that were brought to the Caribbean Islands in the 1600s. To create a parasite resistant herd, only ewes that demonstrated resistance have been allowed to stay on the farm. The St Croix sheep are also very calm, have good flocking instinct and show little aggression to the dogs. Formed 1975 St Croix Hair Sheep Breeders - To register, promote, and develop the breed. Contact a breeder in your area about St. Croix hair sheep. Welcome to the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association Website! Important information for you that our Association Annual Meeting has been another casualty of the Covid Pandemic. Until then, enjoy your St Croix sheep! They are 6-7 months… 03/06/2018 CRESTWOOD KY. Two April Ram Lambs available Two nice ram lambs for sale born in April registered 10/25/2020 Spring Hope NC Price: $ 250 Registered St. Croix proven ram, wether, ewe Selling some of our sheep due to my husband having knee surgery. St. Croix is a breed of domestic sheep that is native to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The new Online Registration and Membership Renewal forms are ready for use by SCHSIA members. See more ideas about Sheep, St. croix, Livestock. St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders. St. Croix sheep are a moderate sized, polled, white sheep. Delivery to other areas can be arranged on request. Sheep are for sale year-round with delivery available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Northern California. To exchange ideas and discuss best sheep management practices. St. Croix sheep are a moderate sized, polled, white sheep. The lambs were born in pastures with anywhere from 2-6 adolescent Boz puppies 4-10 months old. 1,629 members . Mature rams have a lion-like mane. It had developed characteristics that made it perfect for life in the high mountains in the Eastern Alpine regions. To register, promote, and develop the breed. To ensure that individual animals meet specified criteria in order to be registered as members of the St. Croix breed. 420A Lincoln Because of this behavior, and the mild temperament of the Boz, I was able to raise 5 Boz pups in a 7 acre pasture with a small flock of 8 sheep. We regularly offer St. Croix rams for sale, and annually have St. Croix ewes available. Sheep & Lamb For Sale-we sell lamb at our farmer’s markets and we also sell St. Croix breeding stock. Jan 21, 2020 - Explore George's board "Sheep St. Croix" on Pinterest. Back To Top. St. Croix possess many traits that are highly desirable to the modern shepherd. Livestock Guardian Dogs for the Farm and Family. 785-456-8500 The St. Croix registry was established in 1983 by Mrs. Helen Simpson and with the help of Mr. Cole Evans, a Utah State University Researcher and under the supervision if the St. Croix Sheep Breeders Association, Inc., predecessor to the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association. http://www.sheepandgoat.com/articles/hairsheep.html. The St. Croix sheep (Saint ‘Croy’) is a breed of domestic sheep which is also known as White Virgin Islander, White Virgin Island and Virgin Island White. They are great breeders. Member At Shasta Ranch, we produce registered St. Croix hair sheep breeding stock and market lambs. During the winter in colder climates they produce a heavy winter coat of mixed hair and downy undercoat, which is shed in the spring.