Then we write it again in record. We have 28 letters. So this is for the sword and exactly same for that Lord, but with one dot above it next to a group of letters. We righted with the three t's like this, and Sheen is exactly saying, but with the $3 above it. How to write the 28 letters according to the line: Salaam alaikum Haytham Ibrahim is here. And Obama and the customer. We write the dagger Aleph on job offer feta, for example. That strong because the cough when it is written, especially in the at the end of the world as you will learn letter is totally different from the way for writing the letter fat. So this letter is always fair as it is considered as one of the soft little's in Arabic. So the first dad takes Yukun the second dad takes drama and then we combined them. Next letter we have is the letter. As you can see from here, the little lamb is pronounced, it clearly the opposite will be in the Shamsi. See, we have started from here. He is the letter Mim Needham. That's regime has no doubts. Have amplified version or partner. You are free to use which whatever you like off the personally I like to use or I prefer to use the first case or the first way when the shed and the castle comes together above the letter the origin off the shed and Kasra comes from the combination off two letters or to similar letters. Hatem Ibrahim is here working to learn real Arabic. Similarly, the little tour lib toilet means a student. Which means most as you can see from here the gene takes casa. Another example Western We Kasra. We have the verb Jarawa. However, the little noon goes be toe the line with one dot above next letter off. I have been teaching Arabic language to Arab natives and non-natives for more than 12 years. The short vowel Dammah with examples: Salaam alaikum. Kita Boone is wrong. So if I have the world column in the acquisitive case with fat, huh, lost and we in fact her here, which means I'm going toe to add it and win at the end of the now. But don't say it as law. That's why you say where I have used many people saying, Wow, what? The first letter we have here is Aleph, as we mentioned is a soft sound. Have you noticed that the little noon is similar to the little bear there and fair? Because the year is a long vote. The connecting letters are those that can be connected directly to their following letters without leaving space between them. So mystery. It takes this shape. The next player we have here is the level seeing and forward seeing and sword. So if the year is here now, after we ride the Hamza yeah, will be written like this which means there is no dots underneath or below the yet Let's take an example here. All of the world's we have here The 1st 1 is watch other. Hacking means a ruler or governor So when we make it in the broken pleura form, it takes the world Help came as you can see from here that hat takes the lama who can help . Remember that the hamza here when the air, but because it is receded by one of the nun connecting letters, which is an AL if that's why we need to leave a space between the L F. And the hams out when they're so it means pioneer raw it sometimes. In this video you will learn that relative Yeah or yeah. If it's in the middle, it's written like this way. As you can see, this letter is an amplified letter which we're going to talk about this later on China. So, Ella, the last case we have here is that the Hamza comes at the end of the world, which means term in the shape and should be written. So in that case, we have the little brought which is preceded belie their little whore and the foot by the regime. As you can see here, the head is smaller and closed compared to the nest again should be written like this. So as you can see from here the tear the fair comes at the end of the world life preceded by the letter. That's why it's correct to say now. Hi, Tim Ibrahim is here. The library package with the modules (dll): PDFinternals, PDFdocuments, PDFlayout und PDFsecurity. I have over 10 years of experience in professional Arabic language training, consulting, and education, I have served at universities and leading associations. So it will take also the shape. Not as fair. The world missile means Egypt, as you can see that raw here comes at the end of the world, preceded by short and no more letters coming after all. If you look at the little tear, you will find that it comes in the beginning off the word followed by the letter Aleph. So just grab the loss that is the little bad. This is this sign or this character is the small calf in or in all the earth is a cave in a small scale. Is the little mean the little meaning? The next letter is the letter noon. So here we say, Oh Coursey, Alcee year. And this video you will learn the short vowel bomber. discussion on textual variation and authorship as well as on the value of papyrological evidence vis-à-vis the corpus of classical Arabic literature. Thanks for watching and let's move to the next lesson. You write it exactly like Hind, but was with one dot above it. Um, Ibrahim is here. As you can see from here, the little fair doesn't assimilate the lamp. So we have three ways to indicate the that. In today's lesson, we're going to learn more about group number one, which means so sounds and amplify sounds and for group number two going to learn it in dictates later on in this coast. The first type is the soft and they are 20 little's. Also, the Aleph mature A is commonly used for proper announce For example, when you say the name Layla and threaten like this Laila more Britain also like this e za, as you can see in all these examples, the if Max aura always written at the end of the world. You just add the Aleph off the 10 win feta. So God. That's why you need to sit as or bro. We're come to learn real Arabic. The little raw is one of the letters. Yeah. Somo Hari be not mohandie seen engineers pleura and the scene here also takes the Kasra Moha Zebina, which means accountant. I been I been the word. So simply if we if we write it an example, we have the world cans cans the world cans means treasure. The last letter we have here is the letter year. Here we have the verb. So have a look at the dell here You will find that it comes after the new one as a proceeding letter and the full of glitter. It's on Rock and she and yeah, and the cough like this. The Aleph is also one of the 28 letters. Nothing, which means no letters coming after it. Don't say you, because in this case, could be confusing with a long vowel. Remember that yet here is a long vowel. Yet, on the other hand, the nine connecting letters cannot connect directly to the full of letters, and you need to keep or to leave a smallest pace or gap immediately after it before you write the following letter. If I have heard many people saying a leaf which is wrong So the correct pronunciation off this letter is Elliff a leaf, a leaf. In this case, it has a fatter That's why we just say you were So why Jada? This started with straw, and as you can see, it is really important to learn how to pronounce them correctly, because the meaning will be different, as you can see from here. It is also shown that some minor discrepancies between LL and its main template (the second edition of the Lectionary of Father Bernardinus Spalatensis, 1543) can be explained by the LL having adopted text from the beginning and end of the template – this is significant because the codex is now missing its beginning and was left unfinished at the end. So the first example it's ah second example, Gia and so on. Hi, Sam Ibrahim is here. You will find that they write some people, right? We have the world lakin, which means but as you can see could be a little like this. The little LF remember is one of the men connecting letters. So if you look at the Harakat here, you will find that the hams, attics, fat, huh? Like this or also it could be written like this and let all you will learn more about writing such little thanks for watching and let's move to the SEC through the next lesson. So this is the way off writing the little talk. Then you come down with the stroke and then just about the dot like this way. And that gene here must take a Cassa. So this letter is there. So here you will find that the word Miss Region is using their in this bear then and then we in Custer with it. That and window my at the end off the now. It was the language of scholarship throughout the rule of the Islamic empires – a period of well over 1,000 years from the 7 ththcentury right down to the 19 and even 20 . The thought here comes in the beginning of the world Toilet next letter is the little vote , which exactly same as poor, but with one dot above it. We are going to write the work in the nest. The long vowel ya.aa.â° with examples, 37. And now, when we use the shadow with that and win Kasra simply you say Qatar a U N. And the World Month month, which is sharp when you're idea Oneness bad The end. You should know that the name, camera or some CIA in general is based on whether they assimilated the little lamb off the preceding definite article. As I have explained l earlier when the letter is in the terminal shape, this means that it is preceded by one letter and it doesn't have a following little simply because it is the last little in the world. So this one you need to cut it off and here as well then here, so short in the space or too short in these dashes The final shape off the world Sorry. So simply say you are limo. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion. As you can see from here, the hair doesn't affected the pronunciation off the lamp. And actually this is the main reason that makes you to feel lost or frustrated while learning Arabic. And this word is Femina little like this. 2nd 1 is the Halat rough free nominative case, and the last one is had little general re generative case. The letter is Elif, and in case off mask, we write a life like this and in case Africa, it is written exactly same, but a little bit smaller. It is pleura and the singular is more hand This look at their here You will find that there is a long vowed so Mohandie Xena. Moral dilemma. The world measured means glory. 2018, The Institute for Oriental Studies in St. Petersburg published a splendid facsimile of a unique medieval manuscript Psalter with miniatures. Yet without with the two dots reason number three. As an example, we have the ward measured messaged the world measure means glory. So you need to leave this small space then the Aleph is one also of the non connecting letters. And in this context it means lowering the bottom Joe. Remember in the standalone, we right? So it should be a little like this. For example, we have here the word Taba starts with the little tear. Hello and Welcome to the Ultimate Arabic Course Series — (Level 2) - Updated for 2020 Learn Real Arabic Courses are the Best Selling Arabic Courses on Udemy Please Note This Arabic course is created and designed according to and inline with: 1- CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and 2- ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) This Arabic … Hi, Sam Ibrahim is here. Introducing Arabic letters: Salaam alaikum. And the main difference between them is just only you have two dots underneath in case off . Like this. So if we just write it in next first she should be it. And in this case, the Aleph is a seed four Hamza and the Aleph. The right here takes shed and Castro another example. Then the next letter, noon hair and, well, the little well, in case off the ah, NASCAR, we write it like this and guess Africa. 21. So as you can see from here, the little LF is the last letter in the word man and there is no letters coming after it. So as initial it is written like this an example we have here the world l'm l'm the world The Elm Man Science Have a look at the little high in here.