Tagged Animation, Bob's Burgers, Show, Television, TV. “Bob’s Burgers” is home to a lot of quirky, fun characters. This sets Gene to wonder why he managed to finally get the part, and he soon figures out what was going on all along. Edit To compete with Jimmy Pesto, Bob's Burgers begins serving brunch, but it quickly turns to chaos. The worst thing said in the show to date is when Linda says Bob is a "dick." It Ain't So" is primarily about Linda's determination to become more involved with the P.T.A. Some complaints online pointed out that the two stories seemed split, making for only a short period of overlap. Last Updated: Nov 6, 2020. Bob's Burgers (2011– ) Parents Guide Add to guide . Meanwhile, at the same soiree, Bob becomes bothered by the attention being paid him by a former classmate who had a crush on him. Louise spies on the Belcher's suspicious house guest. 21:10. After Gene is encouraged to try out for a part in a local theater production, the audition doesn't go as well as he would have hoped. Share Tweet. It's difficult to look at any episode of Bob's Burgers and call it out for being one of the worst, as each one stands up under scrutiny fairly well. Cartoon cat. Best Episodes Worst Episodes Best Seasons . This bunny ear wearing girl has her father's tireless ambition and her mother's endless, creative energy. BOYZ 4 NOW (S. 3, E. 21) Louise is forced to go along with Tina to a … The series centers on the Belchers—parents Bob and Linda, and their children Tina, Gene, and L This is an episode list of the entire series. So, let’s get into it: the ranking of all rankings, the definitive list of the best and worst Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode of all time. The Worst 5 'Bob's Burgers' Season 7 Episodes. Read the article on Ranker.com. ; Bob tries to cheer up a hardware store owner after unknowingly making a joke about his pet parrot that recently flew away. In an effort to help their parents reconcile, the children tell them how they thought the movie would have ended, had they stayed long enough to see it through to the end, and the film's circuitous storyline helps bring the couple back into marital bliss. Linda goes to Gayle’s artists’ workshop in a yurt. He’s funny, cute, and sometimes really sweet. Bob and his quirky family have big ideas about burgers, but fall short on service and sophistication. To do this, she attempts to get closer to the president of the organization, a mother named Joanne. Check out the 15 worst Bob's Burgers episodes (so far), and vote up all the ones that missed the comedic mark. D&D Beyond Sep. 8, 2015. Bob and the kids help a down-on-his-luck restaurant owner while Linda and Teddy celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Even the most uneven Bob’s Burgers episodes have something to admire: a perfect one-liner, a sharp subplot, a great song. The episodes where she lets her guard down, and where they show her humainty are amazing. . In an attempt to replace the parrot, Bob only makes matters worse, and things devolve from there. The episode isn't terrible, but it stands as the third-lowest-rated one from the series. What is the WORST episode of Bob's Burgers? 0 0 +0. Linda goes to Gayle’s artists’ workshop in a yurt. SEEEmmys 2018: Which ‘Bob’s Burgers’ episodes are submitted for the cast as Best Character Voice-Over? Meanwhile, Bob and Teddy are bamboozled into performing a series of annoying favors for Mr. Huggins. Linda ends up on the trail of a legendary local singer while showing Tina what's great about their town; Teddy asks Bob for help arguing with a sports radio host. In multiple episodes, characters have mild injuries. On a school field trip, the kids visit a marionette theater, where Louise gets on the owner’s bad side. Lists about the Fox animated series about Bob and Linda Belcher, their three kids, and the family burger joint they all help to keep running between disasters and songs. These 'Bob Burgers' Episodes Will Hook You. Tina develops a crush on her martial arts instructor. Art by Jaclyn Kessel; Photo Courtesy of Everett Collection. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda deal with their psychologically unstable landlord who is building them a new bathroom. Why it falls short: "All That Gene" is the lowest-rated episode of Bob's Burgers on IMDb. Well, maybe some fans, but for the wider audience, a Gene-heavy episode didn't meet up to the expectations the series established for itself in other episodes. Network: FOX. Motivated by the promise of a new beachside burger joint, Bob conspires with Felix to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf. Playing next. However, the kids have their own theory, attributing the robbery to the anti-Santa - The Bleaken. Tina suspects sabotage when Josh gets injured on-stage in a tap show. Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Meanwhile, Tina protests the destruction of the wharf's carousel by chaining herself to it. With Bob’s Burgers season 7 getting underway, we thought we’d present our picks for the best episodes to date. Bob's Burgers is easily one of the quirkiest and funniest animated series ever aired, and since the first episode hit the airwaves in January 2011, the series has released 10 seasons consisting of 189 episodes. Out of 10 seasons of the popular animated series, there are more than enough side characters that make your blood boil. The episode was rated #1 Worst episode of Bob's Burgers from 273 votes. RELATED: Bob's Burgers: The Worst Thing Each Character Has Done. Gene auditions for a small role in a local theater production, but things backfire when he discovers that Linda actually bargained with the director to get Gene the part. 1mutiny on the ... Top 10 Worst Bob's Burgers Episodes. Fans may not have appreciated how it both was and wasn't a bottle episode, which can put some viewers off due to the change in story structure from one week to the next. Top 10 Episodes from Bobs Burgers. Bob takes pity on a guy handing out flyers outside the restaurant. Gene, Louise, and Tina discover a seaweed-covered object at the beach that turns out to be a large hunk of Ambergris - an extremely valuable, but illegal, by-product of whale poop that is used in high-end perfumes. NicholasRobert5691. Tina, discouraged by not being asked to prom by Jimmy Jr., forms an unhealthy attachment to a goose from the nearby park. Gotta be Hugo. Bob takes a famous chef’s online master class. Honestly, I don't think any episode is THAT bad, but a few that stand out to me are God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins, The … It's difficult to look at any episode of Bob's Burgers and call it out for being one of the worst, as each one stands up under scrutiny fairly well. Other than that, the dialogue was well-written, and the series' hilarious tone was definitely on point. Let’s revisit some of the worst moments that took place in Bob’s Burgers. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Winner: The Hauntening, Season 6 Episode 3 Despite the greasy counters, lousy location and a dearth of customers, Bob and his family are determined to make Bob's Burgers "grand re-re-re-opening" a success. Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Louise Belcher Reigns Supreme ... and Louise experiences it at the worst time.